Janery is Temporarily Closed for Construction

We're taking a short "construction break" at Janery this month. Janery is under construction, and I don't mean the website!

My sewing studio is currently being renovated. A wall is coming down and being moved to significantly increase the space, and some more lighting is going in. These changes will help me process orders faster and more efficiently.

Professional Home Sewing Studio DIY

Janery started in a spare bedroom of my home, long before it was my baby girl's nursery. The sewing studio has gone through many changes since the early days, each time expanding to help me work better. But this is the biggest change of all! I get excited anytime I find a way to get more organized, and this is a huge opportunity for process improvement and organization.

As my husband helped me "move out" of the studio this past weekend, it was a little bittersweet. We had to remove the 10-foot wide cabinet and shelving unit that I built to fit just so in the sewing studio. (It was on the wall that is coming down.) I was so proud of that project, my most complex DIY to date. I'm hopeful that I can modify it to work in the new space.

DIY Professional Home Sewing Studio
I hope to reopen Janery on May 20th, but some necessary plumbing and electrical work may push back the construction completion date.

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