The Sawdust Has Settled & Janery Has Reopened!

May was an exciting month at Janery.  My sewing studio was expanded in a way that allows for a much more efficient work flow.  Janery was closed for a few weeks while this happened, but we've reopened and I'm back to making your pet beds and pillows

Each item is handmade, by me, after you place your order, so it can take up to 5 business days for it to ship out. 

But the newly expanded studio isn't the only exciting event from May.  

While the construction was happening, our family snuck away to Italy for a vacation!

Jane Italy Burano

It was a fabulous adventure, anything but relaxing, because we had our very active 15-month-old daughter with us.  We visited the Italian Riviera, Venice, and Lake Garda.  

Back to the Janery sewing studio - I'm currently working with a temporary setup while my husband and I plan, and then build, new tables for cutting fabric, sewing, serging and then shipping.  

You can see more in the short video I shared on Instagram.   I'm excited to see how this space develops as we put the plan into action, and I'll share it here as things progress.  

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