Decor Takes the Floor with Floor Pillows For Pets and People

Need extra seating or a softer place to land?

Have you seen Janery’s collection of Floor Pillows?  Inspired by our style-savvy, pet-loving friends at Yellow Brick Home, we wanted our Floor Pillows to be family-friendly, for the whole family. Pets included.

Janery Floor Pillows Inspired by Yellow Brick Home

After sewing some covers for their denim floor pillows (which their pups, Jack and CC, love to drag around to sunny spots in the house), we realized that Kim was on to something.  While floor pillows provide extra seating for guests, they’re also chic pet beds in disguise!

Enter the Janery floor pillow - in three fabulous hues that blend seamlessly with the Gemstone collection of pet beds and throw pillows.  But with a slightly tougher canvas cover.

Sure enough, when we added a few to our living room at the holidays, Amber and Aretha (our nearly-invisible scaredy-cat) claimed them the second our out-of-town guests hit the road.  It turns out they were just as big fans as Jack and CC.

Fabulous decor that can be shared by all members of the family, with a wash in-between as needed?  Yes, please!

Janery Washable Floor Pillows Perfect Small Dog Beds

Floor pillows stacked nonchalantly in the corner of a room look polished but still livable. And because real life can get a little too real sometimes with kids and pets, you want something that’s effortlessly chic - meaning durable and washable.

Are our Floor Pillows a good fit for your home (or your pet)?

We think so, but every home is different. Are you:

  • Wanting to get down on your kids’ (human or pet) level for more quality snuggle time, without having to worry about spills, paw prints, or sore bottoms?
  • Totally loving the modern bohemian trend?  Signs may include an obsession with hanging plants, luscious ethnic textiles, and a hankering for floor cushions.
  • Looking for inviting decor that can bounce back in an hour when (messy) life happens? (Tip: Protect the inserts with waterproof Eurosham liners - there are many options online.)
  • Searching for something a bit more versatile and low profile than our Charlie Cushions to fit seamlessly into your home?
  • Hoping to provide a soft spot to land for pets under 50 pounds?

If you’re nodding your head “yes, yes” to any points above, we invite you to pull up a cushion.  It can be such a relief to find style that holds up to whatever life throws, smears, or lays on it.

 Janery VIP Club Private Sales Designer Pet Beds

PS: If you're loving the look of the Yellow Brick Home denim floor pillows, and would like something custom made for your pets - drop us a line! We offer a limited number of custom pet bed orders.  

Janery Floor Pillows Medium Washable Dog Beds