Janery Goes to Quilt Market

Two weeks ago I attended Quilt Market in St. Louis, MO, to get the scoop on the latest and greatest fabrics, sewing equipment, and more.  

Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017


Have you heard of Quilt Market?  It’s a large fabric industry wholesale trade show, meaning it’s only open to business owners such as quilt shop owners or product makers - like me!

Imagine a football field-sized room filled with fabric and sewing supplies.  It’s crazy, right?  I was blown away by how many incredible fabrics are out there.  I got to meet a few favorite designers, like Amy Butler, Pat Bravo, and Tula Pink, and I tried to act cool after admiring their artistry for years.

Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017


In addition to fabric manufacturers, there are also booths for button makers, sewing machine manufacturers, wool makers, thread companies - basically everything we use to create quilts and textile products.



I attended because I needed to see more of what was available in the fabric and sewing industry.  Walking the trade show floor is more efficient than spending hours with Google, researching companies, then ordering fabric swatches and supply samples.  Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017

What made Quilt Market totally worth it for me?  I got to see fabrics that were printed literally the day before the show. They’re so new that I can’t even order them yet, but I’m at the top of the list to receive them ASAP.  I can’t wait for you to see them when they become part of Janery’s Fall 2017 collection.

As the name implies, Quilt Market is all about quilts.  There are quilts that win awards, and there are quilts made to demonstrate new fabric collections.  

Here are some of the amazing quilts on display at the trade show:

This quilt was, hands down, my absolute favorite from the whole event. It stopped me in my tracks. Who knew you could paint such expression in a face just through fabric, needle and thread?

The Unknown Man by Marina Landi and Maria Lucia Azara of Sao Paulo, Brazil: Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017

This botanical quilt also had me stopping for a closer look - an easy second favorite.

Manoa Falls Valley by Shigeko Haruki and eight friends of Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan:

Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017

You can see even more award-winning quilts here.

Fabric companies take their display booths seriously for this event, crafting elaborate scenes or rooms using their fabrics in all sorts of applications.  

Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017This booth, showcasing the new Caturday fabric line by Felice Regina was one of my favorites. So impressive, and cat owners will chuckle at the inspiration behind some of the designs! Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017That wasn't the only pet-themed booth. The Tattooed Quilter also created this amazing wall hanging: Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017And then there was this fun booth by Stacy Iest Hsu: Janery at Quilt Market Spring 2017 Are you as impressed as I was by the artistry and creativity on display? I can't wait to return to the next Quilt Market for even more inspiration and ideas!