Janery Wants to Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday!

Janery VIP Club

Janery is kicking off 2017 with a special new treat for members of the Janery VIP Club!  

Are you a Janery VIP?  When you join, you’ll get exclusive access to our private sales, plus twice-monthly emails with decorating inspiration, pet care tips, and more.  

Now your pets will also be recognized as VIPs!  Pets are important members of the family, and Janery wants to honor that by sending you a free treat for your pet’s birthday or adoption day.

Want to join the celebration?

  1. Click here to join the VIP Club, and don’t forget to include profile with your pet’s name and birth month.
  2. At the beginning of your pet’s birthday or adoption month, you’ll receive an email showing how to redeem your pet’s free birthday treat.

Terms & Conditions: Janery’s “free birthday treat” is only available to households within the continental US.  Currently there is a limit of 2 pets per household.