Finding Modern Design Inspiration at Virginia's RdV Vineyards

As Virginia's countryside is exploding with wineries great for weekend adventures, a few are competing on national and international levels.  One of those is RdV Vineyards, which I was fortunate enough to visit this past weekend.  

RdV's Bordeaux-style blends have held their own against quality French wines in several blind tasting events.  They produce only two high-end wines each year and offers tastings by appointment only, so I had high expectations for quality wine.

What I didn't expect to find was beautiful design and fabulous modern furnishings!

Janery RDV Vineyard and Winery Fireplace Room 800px

While there are many beautiful wineries in Virginia, most are styled more in a cozy rustic feel.  RDV manages to blend the American farmhouse aesthetic with large glass windows and contemporary furnishings for a very sleek, mid-century modern vibe.  The result?  It looks a lot like my dream home.

Janery RDV Vineyard and Winery Orange Chairs

I hope you'll enjoy this look at the design that RDV has to offer.  What I can't share with you is how delicious their wine was.  But don't just take my word for it; Chef José Andrés was there during our visit, and we learned he has several barrels in the cellar that RDV is producing just for his restaurants.  

Janery RDV Vineyard and Winery Corner with a View

Janery RdV Vineyards Cheese Board Tasting Room

The cellar and barrel rooms were equally gorgeous.  

Janery RdV Vineyards Barrel Room

These soil samples were on display in the cellar, showing Virginia's granite from a depth of 18 inches all the way down to 35 feet (from L to R).

Janery RdV Vineyards Soil Samples

Notes on visiting the winery:  Tours and tastings are by appointment only.  While this means you must plan ahead, it's worth it.  Instead of a loud, crowded winery experience you can enjoy a calmer, more relaxing and intimate visit. 

Janery RdV Vineyards Grape Vines Hillside

To learn more about RdV, try this post from Armchair Sommelier. To learn more about how Virginia wines are competing on a national level, this is a great article from Food & Wine Magazine.

RdV Vineyards
2550 Delaplane Grade Rd, Delaplane, VA 20144
(540) 364-0221

     Janery RDV Vineyard Virginia's Award Winning Winery Fabulous Mid-Century Modern Design