Scrap Happy: 3 Chic Ways Janery Eliminates Fabric Waste

From the day I first imagined Janery’s existence, I knew I wouldn’t compromise:  I’d hire factories employing ethical manufacturing practices, paying living wages, and providing manufacturing jobs, right here at home in the USA. It hasn’t always been the easiest commitment, and certainly not the cheapest option, but I couldn’t sleep at night if there was a chance my products were made in overseas sweatshops.

That focus has led to other efforts in my life - from ethical shopping to donating responsibly - so that my donations don’t go to a landfill or line the pockets of a “charity” CEO.

In general, I want to be a more responsible global citizen - both personally and as CEO of Janery.

With that in mind, I’m always trying to reduce the amount of scrap fabric created by Janery.  Fabric waste is a huge problem in the textile and fashion industry - and there’s currently no recycling option in my area!  

Here are 3 of the ways I reduce the amount of Janery fabric scrap going to landfills.  

(Sidenote: turning scrap into smaller products also means I don’t have to roll the cost of scrap into the cost of a large product.  It’s a win-win for any environmentally-minded business.)  

1.  Bigger, Better, and More Beautiful Cat Toys!

Have you seen our “new and improved” 18” long Catnip Kicker released in October 2017?  This extra-large catnip kicking toy lets me eliminate all fabric that would be “wasted” in the creation of our popular Catnip Cuddler cat mats.  

I thought an 18” long cat toy was a crazy idea - but when I tested it on my models, they were wild with excitement!

Janery Uses Scraps to Make Catnip Kickers

2.  We make the best coasters ever

Did you even know we make a Mug Mat?  They’re one of my favorite products, and one customer actually called them “the best coaster ever made” - but I always forget to talk about them!

Smaller strips of fabrics are combined with larger fabrics to make our Mug Mats - reversible, waterproof oversized coasters that provide the perfect landing spot for a mug of coffee and a snack. Can you spot the one I use in my office, below? ;)Janery Uses Scraps to Make Our Mug Mats

3.  We offer Free Fabric Swatches

Smaller squares of fabric are perfect for offering you free Fabric Swatches.  I would offer this regardless because I want you to painlessly choose a pattern and color that’s just right for your space.  Bonus points for the fact that it helps me squeeze every little use out of fabric!

Janery Pet Beds Free Fabric Swatches

Despite these efforts to use every fabric scrap created by Janery, I still have bags and bags and bags of fabric scrap in my attic that I refuse to send to landfills.  I’ve tested several options for turning them into washable, waterproof dog beds for animal shelters - but haven’t hit on just the right design for comfort and durability. . . . yet.  

In the meantime, my attic is getting more insulated by the month.  :)

Our fabulous designer fabrics are too good to waste, and I’m so glad that we can use them to create useful, beautiful, and durable gifts and cat toys for pets and people.  

PS:  If getting scrap happy gives your heart the warm fuzzies, you’ll love this wedding dress designer’s effort to turn fabric trash into wedding gown bliss.  Seeing facts about waste, and how cities and other retail companies and designers are trying to combat the problem was a real eye-opener. (And if I’m honest, totally inspirational.)