Notes From the Janery Studio

Behind the scenes

  • A Peek at Janery’s West Elm Pop-up Shop

    If you didn’t get to check out Janery’s pet beds and home decor at our recent West Elm pop-up shop, I’ve got you covered!

    Janery Popup West Elm Tysons Corner

    I love doing in-person events for Janery, because I spend so much of my time running Janery from behind a computer screen. Meeting customers in person is so much fun, and it’s helpful to see which products people love most in my display.

    Janery West Elm Popup Catnip Cat Beds

    Our West Elm pop-up was especially fun, because we had the beautiful backdrop of the home furnishings store. Seeing Janery’s products displayed at the front of the store, on a fabulous dining table and bench, showed me just how well Janery’s pet beds and home accessories complement the West Elm aesthetic.

    There is always an element of suspense with in-person retail events. I never know how large the crowd will be, i.e. how many products I’ll need in inventory! In the case of our West Elm event, Saturday was definitely busier than Sunday. And it was so interesting to see the difference in shoppers from Saturday to Sunday!

    Janery Pet Beds Home Decor West Elm Popup


    On Saturday, especially before 4 pm, shoppers were very relaxed, casual, and interested to browse. Saturday evening we watched the crowd quickly turn into a “going out” date night sort of crowd before we finished at 6 pm.

    On Sunday, shoppers looked much more determined when they came through the doors of West Elm. They were at the mall because they had Important Things To Buy. And many of those determined shoppers spent a long time in West Elm - often over an hour.

    Janery West Elm Popup Designer Pet Beds Home Decor

    Other observations: West Elm was very kid-friendly. We saw moms sitting on couches for nursing and bottle feeding babies, we saw kids playing on swivel chairs, and kids running through the store. The store associates were gracious about it all. 

    Speaking of the associates, the entire team of West Elm associates were so enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful during the event. I can tell their store manager, Miller, has created a strong team and that can really make or break a store - and an event like Janery’s pop up.

    If you couldn't attend in person, but still want a chance to win a $50 Janery gift card, click here to join the Janery VIP Club by May 31!  

    Janery VIP Club Pet Birthday Treats

    Big thanks to photographer Laura Metzler, who stopped by to capture this for all eternity!

    PS: Being surrounded by West Elm goodies for two days was dangerously inspiring! I’ll confess that I’ve already added some new West Elm to my home. . . and I still have more on my list for my One Room Challenge makeover that’s in progress.


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  • The Sawdust Has Settled & Janery Has Reopened!

    May was an exciting month at Janery.  My sewing studio was expanded in a way that allows for a much more efficient work flow.  Janery was closed for a few weeks while this happened, but we've reopened and I'm back to making your pet beds and pillows

    Each item is handmade, by me, after you place your order, so it can take up to 5 business days for it to ship out. 

    But the newly expanded studio isn't the only exciting event from May.  

    While the construction was happening, our family snuck away to Italy for a vacation!

    Jane Italy Burano

    It was a fabulous adventure, anything but relaxing, because we had our very active 15-month-old daughter with us.  We visited the Italian Riviera, Venice, and Lake Garda.  

    Back to the Janery sewing studio - I'm currently working with a temporary setup while my husband and I plan, and then build, new tables for cutting fabric, sewing, serging and then shipping.  

    You can see more in the short video I shared on Instagram.   I'm excited to see how this space develops as we put the plan into action, and I'll share it here as things progress.  

    Like what you see? Please join me in the Janery VIP Club to keep in touch.  Plus, get access to exclusive VIP sales events!


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  • Janery is Temporarily Closed for Construction

    We're taking a short "construction break" at Janery this month. Janery is under construction, and I don't mean the website!

    My sewing studio is currently being renovated. A wall is coming down and being moved to significantly increase the space, and some more lighting is going in. These changes will help me process orders faster and more efficiently.

    Professional Home Sewing Studio DIY

    Janery started in a spare bedroom of my home, long before it was my baby girl's nursery. The sewing studio has gone through many changes since the early days, each time expanding to help me work better. But this is the biggest change of all! I get excited anytime I find a way to get more organized, and this is a huge opportunity for process improvement and organization.

    As my husband helped me "move out" of the studio this past weekend, it was a little bittersweet. We had to remove the 10-foot wide cabinet and shelving unit that I built to fit just so in the sewing studio. (It was on the wall that is coming down.) I was so proud of that project, my most complex DIY to date. I'm hopeful that I can modify it to work in the new space.

    DIY Professional Home Sewing Studio
    I hope to reopen Janery on May 20th, but some necessary plumbing and electrical work may push back the construction completion date.

    If you're not already signed up for the Janery VIP Club newsletter, sign up here to be notified when the shop reopens!

    Like what you see? Please join me in the Janery VIP Club to keep in touch.  Plus, get access to exclusive VIP sales events!


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  • Janery: Living Pretty With My Pets

    I was recently featured over at the fabulous design blog Cuckoo4Design in the "Living Pretty With Your Pets" series. I was honored that Julia included me - she has an incredible eye for interior design, and has a huge heart for adopting cats.

    I shared a story I've never shared before, the story of how I came to adopt 5 very important pets in my life: Charlie, Merlin, Aretha, Doctor, and Amber. 

    For a peek at the pets behind Janery, click the photo below to check it out!

    Janery at Cuckoo 4 Design

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  • Janery is on the Sarah R. Bagley Podcast

    Do you listen to podcasts?   Today I'm discussing Janery and family, and essentially how I'm balancing business and motherhood on the Sarah R. Bagley podcast. 

    I listen to several while I work, and Sarah's is one of my faves! It's a lifestyle podcast focused on pursuit of a B+ life - something that she's passionate about as a "recovering perfectionist."

    I have experience public speaking, but not so much on podcast interviews! While I was prepared to talk on these topics with Sarah, nothing prepared me for how nervous I got!   Just keeping it real.  I fear I may have rambled a lot, but we discussed things like my perseverance with launching Charlie Cushions at Janery, my inspiration for products, the dog that touched my heart like no other, and exciting life topics like laundry.  ;)

    If you have any tips on balancing business and motherhood, please chime in on Twitter or Instagram!

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  • Giving Back: Why Janery Supports Homeless Outreach

    Each year I donate a portion of sales from Janery to programs for homeless people and pets.

    As the parent to four previously-homeless pets, it’s fairly obvious why I support animal rescue. But the reasons for my support of programs for the homeless may surprise you.

    When I was in college, my view of homelessness changed overnight.  One cold winter night, my friend got a phone call to alert him that his aunt had died.  It wasn’t a peaceful death; her body was found in an icy stream in Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park.

    His aunt had struggled with schizophrenia and manic depression for most of her adult life.  She had trouble holding down jobs due to her mental illness, and when she was unemployed she had no access to affordable medication.  Prior to her death, she had gone off her medications and became homeless in Washington DC.

    It pained my friend to know that he’d only found out about her suffering when it was too late.

    I was 21 at the time, and her death made a strong impression on me. Before then I hadn’t realized that:

    • 60,000 of our veterans – the people who voluntarily served our country – are homeless
    • At least 25% of the homeless population has a mental illness or disorder
    • 28% of homeless families have fled domestic violence
    • Many struggle with addiction, which is an illness requiring real treatment

      This is why, in addition to helping animal rescue groups, Janery will continue to donate a portion of sales to programs for the homeless.  Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.  To find that, the homeless usually need resources, counseling, and most of all – for people to believe in them.

      I’m currently donating to a local organization:  The Lamb Center.  It is a small but powerful daytime center only 10 minutes from my home.

      The Lamb Center serves the homeless population by providing a warm, safe place for them to drop into if they choose, and it’s staffed by a wonderful group of volunteers from local churches.  Additionally, The Lamb Center provides an extensive group of services to help guests get back on their feet:

      A note about the shelter’s religious affiliation:  I don’t often donate to faith-based groups, but I feel the Lamb Center is one of the most ethical and fiscally responsible organizations in the area.   At The Lamb Center, services are available to anyone, regardless of participation in their bible study and worship meetings.


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