Notes From the Janery Studio

Product Updates

  • Crown your home with our new Gemstone Collection!

    Meet the Gemstone Collection, our newest line of pet cushions, pet beds, and throw pillows.

    Deep blue Sapphire and vibrant Emerald warms modern metals. Ruby and Onyx add depth and drama. Morganite (a lesser known pink jewel!) is a neutral blush of millennial pink. These gems know how to get along with just about every style, as long as you give them enough space to shine on their own.

    I’ve designed the Gemstone Collection to be an accessory with bold, multifaceted patterns and rich, saturated colors that stay true wash after wash after wash. It’s what happens when high style meets low maintenance and stays for coffee.

    The Gemstone Collection is Janery’s most brilliant work yet, with several changes to better suit your needs:

    • Our Throw Pillows are available with and without pillow inserts
    • Our Charlie Cushions have been resized to fit more dog breeds and sleeping styles
    • Our signature waterproof bed liners are now optional (though you save when you buy one with your dog bed)
    • Extra Charlie Cushion Covers and waterproof liners are available when you need them

    Janery Waterproof Dog Bed Ultra Pet Bed

    Even better, we’ve partnered with a small factory in Detroit to make our waterproof liners tougher than ever.

    Please note: Our premium waterproof liners are being sewn now, and are available as an optional add-on (if you want to pre-order to snag your 15% off!). If you pre-order the waterproof liner, we’ll ship your bed now, so your dog can enjoy it as soon as possible. Then, around Dec 11, we'll ship your waterproof liner separately - and shipping's on us.

    I’m so excited about this new collection because it reflects the months of behind-the-scenes work as Janery has grown in the last year, both in style and in our commitment to providing exceptional products to exceptional people and pets.

    Want to know more about these changes, and what it’s like to go from handmade to manufacturing? Stay tuned for my next few newsletters, where I'll pull back the curtain on the process of manufacturing a sewn product.

    Your home is your castle. Crown it with something fabulous!

    PS: When it comes to making your pet comfortable, size matters. Click over to our size guide and learn how to pick the perfect bed for your pet (and your home).

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  • The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous!

    Ever have one of those weeks that feels like a Charles Dickens novel?

    The ones that open up by saying, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” and end 341 pages later leaving you wondering what happened?

    Welcome to my world.

    Last month I was beside myself for the mention in Southern Living, which featured our Charlie Cushion in the bright and beautiful Ginkgo fabric - as if that yellow wasn’t happy enough!

    Janery Dog Bed Ginkgo Yellow As Seen Southern Living

    And the good news kept coming. Our Charlie Cushions were selling like hot cakes, and, judging by how busy I’ve been, you all love the style and direction we are going with our pet beds.

    Then came some unexpected news: We sold out of our Large and Extra Large waterproof dog bed liners!

    While this puts a damper (literally) on our waterproof Charlie Cushions, it has presented us with an opportunity to keep improving our flagship dog bed.

    Janery Waterproof Dog Bed Charlie Cushion

    It’s just a matter now of finding a new American manufacturer who can match us value for value. And, since we’re already at the drawing board, we’re upgrading all product sizes and dimensions to create an even better bed.

    We aren’t shedding tears about this, and you shouldn’t either - and this isn’t just because we’re out of most things waterproof.

    It means you’re awesome, we’re growing, and better things are coming around the corner, including…

    A huge sale on our remaining Large and Extra Large Charlie Cushions. While these dog beds are not waterproof, their designer covers are still completely washable, 100% fabulous, and only available for a limited time.

    We’re organizing our inventory as we speak, but stay tuned; Janery VIPs will be given early access a week before the general public.

    We’re all about making the most of it at Janery, which is why we save our scraps, drink lots of coffee, and refuse to sit down for long (even if our pillows are ridiculously comfortable).

    If you only remember three things from this post, let it be these:

    1. You have excellent taste.
    2. We appreciate your bearing with us.
    3. If you aren't already a Janery VIP, you're missing out on the super-fabulous-but-super-secret sale. (But you can fix that by joining right here, right now!)


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  • Introducing The Linen Collection

    Janery's new Linen Collection is overflowing with fun and whimsical throw pillows hand crafted from fine Japanese linen-cotton blends.

    Janery Pillows The Linen Collection Colorful Decor

    I'm so excited to share the new Linen Collection with you!  These pillows were a huge hit when they made their debut at Art on the Avenue this month. 

    These pillows are available in two sizes, and include oversized faux-down inserts for a plump (and cruelty-free!) fit:

    • 20" Square
    • 14x30" XL Lumbar

    The square pillow is perfect for your sofa or love seat, while the XL lumbar is perfect for polishing off the look of your bed.  

    Janery extra long lumbar pillow linen bedroom decor


    Why faux-down?

    Faux down is a remarkable new polyester filling that is hypoallergenic, incredibly soft and cushy, and (most importantly) cruelty free.  These pillow inserts chop just like a nice down pillow, for a fraction of the price, and are made in the USA in a small factory.

    See the whole new collection here, then hop over to Instagram or Facebook and let me know - which one's your favorite?  

    It's hard for me to choose, but I think mine is the Silver Flight.  Do you see those shimmery birds soaring across the pillow?
    Janery square throw pillow silver flight linen


    If you love design and decor, become a Janery VIP for access to exclusive sales events and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks!


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  • Now Available: The Janery Pop Art Collection!

    The new Pop Art collection from Janery is inspired by my love of bright colors and bold patterns!


    Janery Pet Beds Waterproof Dog Beds Pop Art Collection

    There’s something for everyone, with pillows, catnip beds & toys, crate mats, and Janery’s signature waterproof dog beds, of course.

    There's also two things you need to know!

    1.  Janery now offers free shipping, all the time, on orders over $50!

    2.  If you're a Janery VIP, check your inbox for exclusive access to the 15% off launch week sale!  If you're not a VIP yet, don't worry - you can sign up right here and still have time to join the party.*

    Janery Pop Art Gingko Catnip Cuddler
    Good news for dog owners:

    This time two of the patterns are made for extra tough pets. The Mod Blue and Mod Red patterns are a tougher, 100% polyester outdoor fabric that will stand up really well to those pups who love to dig, dig, dig at their beds before settling in.

    Janery Waterproof Designer Dog Bed Made in the USA


    See the whole new collection here and find your new favorite pet bed!

    *Janery VIP Club launch week promotion ends 9/22.

    Like what you see? Please join me in the Janery VIP Club to keep in touch.  Plus, get access to exclusive VIP sales events!


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  • The Catnip Cuddler Cat Bed: Now longer and refillable!

    The Janery Catnip Cuddler cat bed has been updated for the new year:  it's now longer and refillable!

    Janery Catnip Cuddler the Refillable Cat Bed

    It's long been one of my most popular items, but over the years customers have asked for a refillable version.  My cat, Aretha, thanks you for your feedback.  She gives the new Catnip Cuddler two paws up!

    Janery Catnip Cuddler Refillable Catnip Cat Bed

    Now, if you want to add fresh catnip after washing, there's a little velcro opening in the side.  This makes it extra irresistible for your cats.  I also made it longer for those cats who really like to stretch out.  This idea came from a few customer photos I saw where cats were stretched out longer than the Catnip Cuddler.

    Speaking of customer photos, I'd love to see yours! You can email them or share them on Instagram or Twitter with #janeryathome so that I can see them.  

    Janery Catnip Cuddler Washable Refillable Cat Bed

    PS:  Now, when you purchase a Catnip Cuddler, you can add a Catnip Kicker for just $10 more.  The 10" oversized cat toy is long enough for even the toughest tomcat to grab and kick all at the same time.   

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