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Throw Pillows

  • Spotted: We’re in Modern Dog Magazine!

    I am excited to announce that our Charlie Cushion is featured in the spring issue of Modern Dog Magazine!

    Our adopted Poodle, Amber, is still bouncing around the house, excited by her first time in print. Or maybe she just needs a walk. ;) But I digress...

    It’s always thrilling to open an email from an editor at a publication I love, and being featured in magazines like this never gets old.

    Janery has been featured in Modern Dog Magazine

    So, what will you find in Modern Dog? Our fabulous Charlie Cushion in this season’s Gemstone Ruby pattern along with one of our gorgeous reversible Ruby throw pillows to match.

    Modern Dog Magazine totally understands Janery’s vision for fabulous pet beds that handle whatever life throws at them (literally) - and I love that they get it!  

    You may have pets that have the run of the house, but you really don’t have to sacrifice style for function. I’m passionate about making home and pet products full of easy, chic style - even huge pet beds.

    PS:  Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon. And if you’re not part of the VIP Club, trust me - you should be! Join here.


    Janery has been featured in Modern Dog Magazine

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  • Naked Couches: The Struggle is Real.

    Ever walk into a room and feel like something was just...missing?

    Janery Designer Linen Throw Pillows Black and Gray

    (Gray fox pillow.  Catnip cuddler. Hip deer pillow.)

    I had that the other day when visiting a friend of mine, who had just purchased a brand new living room set. I walked into her living room only to discover that what should have been the most comfortable space in her house was full of naked furniture. Stark. Naked. Furniture.

    (Don’t worry. I blushed, too).

    It wasn’t as if the room was uncomfortable. The sofa was soft, and the armchairs were beautiful, but it had the general air of a room that was a little exposed and self-conscious. Nothing about it told me to leave, but, more profoundly, nothing about it told me to stay.

    For the record, I have no judgment against the minimalist movement. I happen to love beautifully clean and simple (which is why all my products are as easy on the eyes as they are to clean).

    However, furniture is craving your personal touch and personality, a seasonal punch of color, a little softness to round out its edges, and a way to connect itself with the rest of the room.

    In other words, your furniture wants throw pillows.

    Janery Linen Collection Whimsical Pillows

    Throw pillows are like fig leaves for love seats, couches, beds, and chairs. They cover unsightly creases, leave more than a little to the imagination, and make everyone just a leeeeetle more comfortable. All the better when they are beautifully made, luxuriously soft, and ready for a nice, lazy afternoon (hint: like these).

    And that’s the naked truth. 



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  • Shopping With No Regrets: How To Choose Fabulous Throw Pillows

    Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to change up a stale space, but not all pillows are created equal!

    Follow these tips to avoid the most common mistakes made when choosing throw pillows or pillow covers for your home.

    1. Opt For Removable Covers

    Your home is fabulous, but it’s also full of life. And life is messy!

    Dogs jump on the sofa with muddy paws. Cats insist on curling up and shedding against your newest pillows (perhaps because you don’t have a Catnip Cuddler?) Children throw pillows around with sticky fingers.

    Janery How To Choose Throw Pillows Hip Deer Linen Pillow and Catnip Cuddler

    Fox Pillow / Catnip Cuddler / Hip Deer Pillow

    Sound like your life? Just say no to pillows labeled “spot clean only.”  Always choose pillows with covers that can be removed for washing or dry cleaning. 

    2. Choose Zippered over Envelope Closures

    Removable pillow covers are made with either envelope closures or hidden zippers. Janery pillows have always been made with hidden zippers in the bottom, because (in this case) looks matter.

    When a pillow is sewn with an "envelope closure,” two pieces of fabric are layered to make an opening in the middle of the back of the pillow. You insert and remove the pillow through that opening.

    Envelope Closure on the back of a pillow

    A lot of inexpensive handmade pillows are made this way. It's easier to sew, but then you can’t display the back of the pillow and it never fits plump inserts as well.

    Case in point: In the photo above, the corners of the pillow are not well filled. But if a larger insert was used, the envelope opening would stretch and gap.

    Janery How to Choose Throw Pillow Hidden Zipper Easy Cleaning

    Hidden Zipper Throw Pillow in Gray Phoenix

    Invest in a zippered pillow covers so that both sides can be displayed, and so you can use an appropriately oversized pillow insert.

    Speaking of which . . .

    3. Size Up on Pillow Inserts

    Don’t subject your home to a case of limp and sagging throw pillows!  To keep your pillows looking plump and fresh, always use oversized inserts.

    Avoid Loose Throw Pillow Covers

    Pillow Cover with a too-small pillow insert - see the wrinkles?

    What is an oversized pillow insert?  The insert should be 2” larger in each direction than the pillow cover. This means my 20” square throw pillows have plump 22” pillow inserts inside them, and my 14” x 30” long lumbar pillows have 16” x 32” inserts.

    Not sure what size insert you need for a pillow cover? Lay the cover flat to get an accurate measurement, and then measure top-to-bottom and side-to-side to determine the size.

    Janery How To Choose Throw Pillow Linen Collection Hummingbirds

    Extra Long Linen Lumbar Pillow in Garden Pinks

    4. Don’t Skimp On the Stuffing

    Have you ever had a pillow get lumpy and loose loft? Or had a feathers from inside a pillow stab you through the covering?

    When it comes to pillow stuffing, there’s a wide range of quality available. The pillow inserts at the craft store are made with inexpensive, firm polyfill that will lump quickly. Some inexpensive "down" pillows are just 20% down and 80% regular feathers that poke through.

    At Janery I don’t offer feather pillows because of animal cruelty issues and allergies, but I offer the perfect compromise!

    Our pillow inserts are stuffed with imitation down, a fluffy polyester filling that feels as amazing as a down pillow and holds shape well over time. Plus, they're made in the USA in a small factory that I trust more than an overseas sweatshop.

    Follow these tips to find fabulous throw pillows for luxury that lasts.

    And if a Janery pillow catches your eye, you can shop with confidence. I've put a lot of thought into my designs, from the oversized, USA-made, faux-down pillow inserts, to the removable washable covers with hidden bottom zippers.

    Want to stay in the loop with my latest designs, and get access to our exclusive private sales? Click here to join the Janery VIP club for these benefits, along with bimonthly emails.

    Janery How to Choose Fabulous Throw Pillows Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

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  • Introducing The Linen Collection

    Janery's new Linen Collection is overflowing with fun and whimsical throw pillows hand crafted from fine Japanese linen-cotton blends.

    Janery Pillows The Linen Collection Colorful Decor

    I'm so excited to share the new Linen Collection with you!  These pillows were a huge hit when they made their debut at Art on the Avenue this month. 

    These pillows are available in two sizes, and include oversized faux-down inserts for a plump (and cruelty-free!) fit:

    • 20" Square
    • 14x30" XL Lumbar

    The square pillow is perfect for your sofa or love seat, while the XL lumbar is perfect for polishing off the look of your bed.  

    Janery extra long lumbar pillow linen bedroom decor


    Why faux-down?

    Faux down is a remarkable new polyester filling that is hypoallergenic, incredibly soft and cushy, and (most importantly) cruelty free.  These pillow inserts chop just like a nice down pillow, for a fraction of the price, and are made in the USA in a small factory.

    See the whole new collection here, then hop over to Instagram or Facebook and let me know - which one's your favorite?  

    It's hard for me to choose, but I think mine is the Silver Flight.  Do you see those shimmery birds soaring across the pillow?
    Janery square throw pillow silver flight linen


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