The One Room Challenge: Week 3 Mishaps

This week during the One Room Challenge I ran into some roadblocks!  Oh, the drama of an interior design project! Something is always bound to go wrong, especially when you tackle new DIY ideas, but as an eternally optimistic person I'm always momentarily shocked, surprised, and discouraged when it happens.

But then I get re-inspired and dive back in again, reverting to my overly optimistic self.  (Want to see where I'm headed? Check out my Pinterest board.)

Progress slowed because we went out of town for a long Easter weekend, but I was excited to dive back into DIY when we returned.

My next step was making a stencil so I could paint an art deco-inspired pattern on my walls, as shown here:

Did you know you can cut your own wall stencils? I loved this idea because I couldn't find any stencils I loved when I first searched for them.  

I purchased a set of stencil blanks and a good Exacto knife in the stencil aisle of the craft store.  I then made a shape inspired by my inspiration wallpaper, and printed it out.

Janery ORC Stencil blanks

After taping the stencil pattern onto my cutting mat, and then taping the stencil blank over it, I was ready to cut. 

However, as I started to cut I realized I had a problem. It's hard to explain in writing, but I realized if I cut out the parts that I wanted to stencil, There wouldn't be enough connections to actually hold the stencil together - I'd just have lots of loose pieces of plastic. 

After trying several different solutions, I finally decided to reverse the stencil and paint the white areas instead of the black ones.  This would give me a stencil that stayed intact when I cut it. 

I cut it out carefully using my exacto blade and a ruler.

Janery ORC Cutting a DIy Stencil

I taped it to the wall and painted a test run, starting in the center of the window for a symmetrical look.

It was awful!  The thin pieces of plastic were so flimsy that too much paint seeped under the edges, and the top just looked sloppy because I didn't have clean lines at the point of the diamond.

Janery ORC DIY Wall Stencil Mishap

That would not fly.  

I did my best to wash the wet paint off the wall, and headed to my computer to look for another solution.  I finally found a stencil that I loved almost as much - this Deco Diamonds from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I ordered it right away, but it won't arrive for a week.

Janery ORC Cutting Edge STencils Deco Diamonds Pattern

The stencil fiasco took up a lot of time, and so I don't have any other progress to report.  But the challenge is half over!  This weekend I'm going to hang shelves in the sewing room and build my sewing machine and serger tables. 

I'm sharing my progress (and mishaps!) in more real-time via my Instagram stories, so follow me there to stay in the loop and chime in when you have opinions!

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PS: If you're new here, welcome!  

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