The One Room Challenge: Week 4 in Black and White

During week 4 of the One Room Challenge I spent the majority of my time fighting to stencil my office wall!

Let’s just say I’m putting the “challenge” in this One Room Challenge.

The studio has posed an interesting challenge. I’ve been trying to keep up with increasing orders, which has been hard since apparently everything I need is stashed in boxes in the other room. I need to get this room finished so that I can start working efficiently.

When my machine started acting up yesterday, I realized it was due for its annual service. I updated shop notifications for customers, and any orders placed starting today will ship after May 8th.  Since I still make most products to order, I have to take a “spring break” week each year to get the machines serviced.

Janery One Room Challenge Studio Shelving

I painted and hung my shelves, and started building my new sewing machine tables. I’m hoping to paint them today and seal them tomorrow.

Moving over to the office:  After last week’s fiasco with my hand-cut DIY stencil, I ordered a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. When it arrived I was excited to get started (again) on my office wall.  First I painted the whole wall black, because I wanted the stencil pattern to be white. I also repainted the trim glossy white, because it was showing a lot of wear.

Spoiler alert: I never want to stencil a wall again.

My big art deco stencil had a lot of thin strips in the middle, so I hunted down some Repositionable Adhesive to help the stencil stick to the wall.   The first run with the stencil went great.  

I was optimistic! I was excited! I was happy to be making progress!

The second run with the stencil went a little less great; the paint roller kept pulling the stencil away from the wall. When I carefully removed the stencil from the wall, it took some of the paint from the first area with it. I waited a bit for the first two areas to dry more, then started stenciling on alternate sides so that no fresh paint would be touched by the stencil.

Janery One Room Challenge Wall Stencil Mishap

The stenciling is now complete, but it’s far from crisp and clean.  The paint bled a lot, despite all the different methods I tried (dry roller, stippling brush, foam roller).  I think I had to use too much paint because I was applying white paint over black. The stencil did best when it was freshly washed, which meant I showered with my stencil 4 times during the process of painting one wall.

I have a lot of touch ups to do - especially to the borders left of the window -  after I regain some sanity.  Fortunately most touchups will be black paint over white, so it should cover easily. The white isn’t as solid as I hoped for, but it will have to do.  

Janery One Room Challenge Office Wall Stencil

A few of my key accessories and fabrics for the office corner look fab against it, so I’m calling it a win.

Janery One Room Challenge Office Accessories

There is still a LOT of work to do, so the TV area, and the toddler play area will have to be completed after the challenge.  But I already know this was enough to keep me going on the project long after the 6 weeks are up!

My dad is coming to visit this weekend, and fortunately he likes to help me with projects.  We’re going to be pretty busy!  I think I’m over the hardest work now, and I look forward to the spaces coming together this week. 

I'm sharing my progress (and mishaps!) in more real-time via my Instagram stories, so follow me there to stay in the loop and chime in when you have opinions!

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PS: If you're new here, welcome!   I'm Jane and I run a fabulous pet bed & home decor business. I founded Janery because I believe pets - and their keepers - deserve beautiful products that fearlessly handle whatever life smears, lays, and throws on them.

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