We've gone country . . . where they really put the "neigh" in neighbor!

Why hello there! It’s been one month since our family moved from the Washington, DC suburbs to 5 acres in the Shenandoah Valley. We’ve gained fresh air, wide open spaces, and wildlife in our yard. Some expected, some . . . not so much.

One recent morning around 6 am, I buckled our daughter into her car seat, said goodbye to her and my husband, and headed back into the house to warm up. I was pouring a cup of coffee when I heard my husband open the door and yell:

“Jane, I need your help. There’s a horse in our front yard.”

Yes, you read that right.

I ran outside in my robe and slippers, and sure enough, there was a large shadow of a horse right there next to our bedroom window. I’ve had a lot of experiences catching dogs - and even some cats - on the streets, but never a horse.

Nevertheless, my husband said “I’ll go tell the neighbors” and I followed with “Ok, I’ll try to get the horse home.” I walked towards the horse in the dark, and started waving my arms saying “go home, go home!”

As he picked up speed and trotted towards the house across the street, I jogged after him, talking to him the whole way. When we arrived at his fence, I slowly approached, letting him sniff me before I laid a hand on his neck. He bent his head down and gently snuffled my head and neck with his velvet nose.

We spent a few minutes of quality time together before his mom came out with my husband, bewildered by the stranger knocking on her door in the dark of early morning.

Unfortunately, not every morning at our new home is beginning with velvety horse snuffles - but at least it happened once - and I couldn’t say that about our old home in town!Janery Horse in Front Yard


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