• Catnip Kicker | Gemstone
  • Catnip Kicker | Gemstone

Catnip Kicker | Gemstone

  • $18.00
  • The perfect toy for the cat who thinks size matters.

    Even the toughest tomcat can have hours of fun, grabbing, kicking, and biting at the same time. The kicker is 18” long, firmly stuffed with “kitty-safe” catnip leaf and polyester filling, and bends in the middle for the ultimate wrestling experience.

    Our catnip leaf is naturally grown and harvested in the USA, then air dried shipped to us while it’s still nice and fresh. Unlike many catnips on the market, ours is stem-free, so there’s no risk that spiky stems will hurt your cat’s mouth as he’s attacking it. Most cats find it irresistible, too - cats who usually ignore catnip go crazy for our toys.

    The best part: We’ll surprise you with a pattern in the color of your choice. You get a toy your cat is sure to love, while we prevent fabric from wasting away in landfills.

    PS: They're washable! If your Catnip Kicker gets grungy, it will wash up beautifully.  Use our signature Catnip Essential Oil Spray to refresh your cat's favorite toys after a wash!

    Double the Fun - and Save:

    Buy 2 and save 16%! Want a different color for your second toy? Let us know in the notes at checkout.

  • Catnip Kicker Features:

    • Approximately 18" long and 2" thick
    • Catnip leaf is freshly grown and air dried in the Pacific Northwest
    • No spiky catnip stems
    • Polyester filling adds stability
  • These catnip toys are handmade in Virginia using American-made materials that stand the test of time and style.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Deb H
    Love it

    My cats all love these. I like to hang it on their bed by the folded center and they think it’s something special. Good product. Recommend.

    Amanda Timm
    Not up to Rough Play

    Got this as a little Xmas present for the two special cats in my life. Both were very interested in the toy...but only a day or two in the toy had clear puncture marks from teeth and very discolored from where the cats bite the toy. I am honestly not sure why it became discolored, but overall I don't think the toy will hold up to moderate play. The whole toy looks like it has been through it.

    Hi Amanda, Thank you for your honest review! I am thrilled that your cats loved the toy, and I wanted to let you know why the discoloration happens. The Catnip Leaf we use is freshly harvested and dried without the use of preservatives, and when cat saliva contacts it sometimes it releases some of the color from the leaves. This is normal, and your cat toy can be washed!

    Regarding the puncture marks from teeth - your cats teeth may go through the woven fabric if they are aggressively biting it, but the cat toy should hold up well despite that. I haven't had any customer need to return them due to being torn or shredded. If that does happen to your toys within a year of purchase, please let me know so I can replace them!

    Thank you again!
    -Jane Pearson

    Holly Jenkins
    Christmas Present for Special Kitties

    I gave this as a present to some special kitties, and they have been enjoying their new toys. It also doesn't hurt that catnip is involved.
    Fast shipping and, as always, wonderful quality products.

    Stephanie Case
    Catnip Kicker

    I got the catnip kicker for our cat for Christmas. She loves it! Wish I had known about it when I adopted her as a solo kitten, it would have made a great wrestling buddy!