• Catnip Mat | Snow Leopard

Catnip Mat | Snow Leopard

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  • The Catnip Mat: Cats sink in. Hairballs wash out.

    Tired of using towels and blankets to protect your cat’s favorite chair from shedding fur and hairballs?

    Your cat probably has a favorite spot on the furniture, and any attempts to protect that fabulous upholstery from cat hair, claws, and hairballs usually results in a decorating style that can best be described as “disheveled chic.” Those folded blankets and fleece cat beds just don’t do your style justice!

    Even worse? Half the time your cat won’t even sit on them.

    Reclaim your home and make your cat blissfully happy at the same time. Meet the Catnip Mat - a chic, refillable, addictive spot cats can’t wait to claim as their own (just like everything else in your house).

    Let’s be clear: This isn’t your grandma’s cat bed. Thanks to its designer canvas construction with a unique velcro opening, it complements your decor while keeping your cat blissfully snoozing in the same, washable spot.

    Hairball? No problem. Toss the whole bed in the wash, refill with some of our fresh catnip leaf and your cat can get back to the important work of napping in less than 60 minutes.

    Heading to the (dreaded) vet, or hitting the road for adventure? Tuck the Catnip Mat into the carrier to bring the comforting feel of home on the road.

    Double the style, double the fun:

    Add our signature 10” Catnip Log for $10 more, or our jumbo 18” Catnip Kicker for $15. We’ll surprise you and your cat with pattern that’s sure to complement your Catnip Mat.

    As seen in Better Homes & Gardens.

    • Size: 24” x 18”

      Catnip Mat Features:

      • Is a washable, padded canvas mat with chic style
      • Arrives pre-loaded with irresistibly fresh catnip leaf (no spiky stems)
      • Features a hidden opening for easy catnip refills
    • Your cat won’t be the only one sleeping well at night:

      Our commitment to ethical manufacturing means you’re investing in people, families, and futures.

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