Kids Masks

Comfortable and cute face masks for children

Each Kids Mask purchased will help offset the cost of the masks Janery is donating to teachers.  

Sizing tips:  

The Kids Small is designed to fit kids ages 2-7, though some 6 or 7 year olds may need the next size up.  The Kids Large is designed to fit kids ages 7 and up who are still too petite for an adult mask. 

If you have an adult mask, see how it covers your child’s face.  If it’s huge on them (usually between preK - 2nd grade, they probably wear a Kids Small.  If an Adult mask is only a bit large on your child, a Kids Large will probably fit well. Some petite adults prefer the Kids Large.

A size chart is below.  You can use a flexible measuring tape to measure how each size might fit them. 

When the mask is worn, the end of the mask fabric should be approximately 1"-2.25" from the front of their ear.  





Kids - Small



Kids - Large



Adult - Regular




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