Cozy for a Cause

Janery Cozy for a Cause Animal Rescue Fundraising Partnership

Do good that feels good.   Like a nice scratch behind the ears.

Here at Janery, we're serious about giving back to animals in need.  Maybe it's my house full of rescued pets.  Maybe it's my belief that all businesses should work to improve the world.

Actually, it's both. 

Through Cozy for a Cause,  your favorite animal rescue group can now earn 10% every time you shop at Janery.  

How does it work?

It's simple! Interested organizations can apply here.  Once approved, we'll give them all the info they need to get things going. 

With your help, rescued animals will have more than just a soft place to land at the end of the day. They’ll also have a home.



Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does it cost?

There’s no cost to your organization! Janery provides branded postcards with your secret code, as well as digital marketing materials and information you can use to promote the fundraiser.

Sounds awesome, how can my organization join?

It’s easy! Click here to fill out the application.

How does it work?

Janery will provide “Cozy for a Cause” partners with branded postcards and digital marketing materials to promote the partnership. All marketing materials and postcards will have a special code on them. For each purchase made using your organization’s code, Janery will give 10% of the purchase price to your organization.

What’s the limit on how much my organization can earn?

Currently, the sky is the limit! There is no limit to how many times the code can be used. We reserve the right to reevaluate the program monthly, but will always keep you in the loop and give plenty of warning if things change.

I’m a pet foster parent, can I apply?

Thank you for giving your time, love, and home to help homeless animals! We love people like you! Animal rescue groups couldn’t survive without the generous love shown by foster families. However, we regret that individual foster families can not register with Cozy for a Cause at this time. It’s currently only open to registered 501(C)3 organizations, so ask the rescue you work with to join!