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  • Sample Sale items may have slight stitching or stuffing inconsistencies, but they're still fabulous and ready to cuddle your cat in style.  

  • The Catnip Cuddler: Finally, a bolster cat bed with style!

    Cats love to curl up in box lids, baskets of fresh laundry, and anything with sides. But messy box lids and other bolster cat beds don’t do your style justice.

    They feel disorganized and messy - and half the time your cat probably won’t even use the offending “beds”. Streamline your style and reclaim your home with a sophisticated cat bolster bed your feline friend will actually use.

    Meet the Catnip Cuddler - a cozy, addictive cat bed with panache.

    It’s more sophisticated, meticulously crafted, and definitely more enticing than any bolster cat bed you’ve seen before.

    The cushioned bolster hugs your cat, giving her a sense of security. Thanks to a unique hidden opening, you can wash off the hairballs, add new catnip leaf, and have your cat back on her throne, snoozing in style, in mere minutes.

    Need to remove fur in a hurry? Run a rubber glove over the bed to ball up and shed the cat hair.

    Heading to the (dreaded) vet, or hitting the road for adventure? Tuck the Catnip Cuddler into the carrier to bring the comforting feel of home on the road.

    The new Catnip Cuddler is a step up from our popular Catnip Mat. It’s constructed with the same washable upholstery fabrics, but the stuffed bolster sides offer all the cozy comfort of a box lid (without looking like you left your recycling on the sofa). 

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  • Catnip Cuddler Features:

    • Designer canvas sides, cozy minky fleece top
    • Easily releases pet hair when vacuumed or washed
    • Arrives pre-loaded with irresistibly fresh catnip leaf (no spiky stems)
    • A hidden opening allows for easy catnip refills
    • Has 3” tall cushioned bolster sides and a lightly padded base
    • Handmade in small batches in Virginia
    • Your cat won’t be the only one sleeping well at night:

    Size:  Generously sized at 14 x 19 inches, this bolster bed accommodates most cats as well as small dogs. 

    Curious how your cat measures up? Please refer to the weights noted on our photos with different models.

  • Our commitment to ethical manufacturing means you’re investing in people, families, and futures.

  • Customer Reviews

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    Barbara Inglese
    Indestructible AND attractive

    My cats really are loving the catnip pads and cat cuddles - one of the cats is always in/on each one. And their claws do not tear the strong fabric as they do with various store-bought ones (and, believe me, my youngest one in particular really tries!). It is easy to get the fur shedded off them between washings, and the two I have washed, per Jane’s enclosed instructions, have come out clean. The fabric patterns are attractive - friends I have sent pictures to remark on how vibrant the colors are. Will definitely have these on my birthday and Christmas shopping lists for friends.