Medium Dog Beds


Sample sale!

These Medium Charlie Cushions ARE waterproof, made with a retired style of dog bed insert.  However, they’re still fabulous!  

Please read item description carefully.


  • A washable outer cover with concealed zipper
  • Our signature waterproof liner that blocks accidents, odors, pests, and allergens
  • A plush dog bed insert, channel sewn to prevent bare spots

What makes it a “Sample?"

  • The plush insert is an older model that has been retired

Size Medium:  34 x 24 x 5"

What size bed does your dog need?  Measure the length and width they take up when sleeping.  For extra credit, use painter’s tape to map out the size of this bed on your floor to get a solid visual check.

These pet beds are crafted by Janery in Virginia, using American-made materials that stand the test of time and style.

Please note:  all sale products are fabulous, and all sales are final.