• Tomte | Holiday Red
  • Tomte | Holiday Red

Tomte | Holiday Red

  • $34.00
  • These pairs of Swedish Tomtes are handcrafted with festive red fabrics and real wool. 

    100% of sales go to Bonnie, the maker, whose day job hours were reduced due to the pandemic.  (Learn more below!)  

    Due to the handcrafted nature, there may be slight variations in appearance. 

  • What are Tomtes?

    They’re the original elf-on-the-shelf - part of Swedish folklore, known for pointed hats and long white beards. Think garden gnome-meets-Scandinavia. They live in houses and barns and act as guardians and protectors … so long as they’re treated well. When they’re not - mischievous things start to happen.

    Why is Janery selling Tomtes?   

    The highlight of 2020 has been, without a doubt, the way Janery has allowed me to give back more to those who most need it - pets and humans alike. When I learned that Bonnie’s income was affected by the pandemic, I wanted to help.

    Bonnie channels her quilting talents to create Tomtes for Christmas and winter decorating, and I'm sharing them at Janery to help her reach customers. 100% of the Tomte sales will go straight to Bonnie.

    Who is this mother-in-law?

    When my mom passed away while I was pregnant 5 years ago, I was so thankful to have a mother-in-law who stepped up as a surrogate mom to me. Not only has she continued to be a “real” mom to me, but as a talented quilter, she has also inspired and encouraged my business journey.

  • Product Details

    • Sold in sets of 2
    • Tomtes are approximately 10” tall
    • A hidden wire in the hat allows you to adjust its curves
    • Bottoms are weighted to help them stand up
    • Real wool beard and braids
    • Contains small parts; Not suitable for children under 5

    100% of Tomte sales will be given to the maker to cover materials and provide fair compensation for her time.

  • Shipping Options

    Janery's flat rate shipping will apply if you only purchase Tomtes. 

    To earn free shipping, order any other product from Janery between now and Sunday at midnight. I'll ship your Tomte and Janery orders together, and will refund the shipping on both of them.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    The Tomtes are adorable

    These are the perfect addition to my Christmas decor, and a nod to my Swedish heritage. Thanks!

    Another great Janery gift!

    This pair of red Tomtes was a gift for my sister, and she was thrilled to receive them. She has them on her mantle, and loves them.
    I have a pair in teal sitting on my mantle too. They are beautifully created, and will be a treasure for many years.


    These tomtes are simply adorable and so beautifully made! I had purchased them with the intent of giving them as Christmas gifts, but it's going to be difficult to part with them!