Catnip Spray | Toy Rejuvenator

Give new life to old toys with this Catnip Spray Rejuvenator - one of the most potent Catnip oils available. 

Extracted from the same incredibly potent catnip used inside our Catnip Cuddlers and Catnip Kickers, this Catnip Spray is made with catnip essential oil, not the weak catnip extract found in lesser quality sprays. 


  • Refresh boring old cat toys with a spray or two
  • Spray catnip on any bed you want your cat to use
  • Spray on scratching posts and toys to train your cat away from your favorite sofa arm


  • 1 oz glass spray bottle 
  • Contains approximately 200 sprays
  • Shake before using
  • Contains only steam-distilled catnip essential oil and distilled water
  • Grown in the USA, harvested with care, in harmony with nature.