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Pet Bed Size Guide

The Pit Bull that loves to cuddle into a tiny ball. The Chihuahua that hogs the covers. The Dalmatian who purrs like a cat. The cat who can’t sleep without her canine companion.

Pets are lovably weird.

They’re a lot like humans that way. It should come as no surprise that a pet as irresistible, unique, and lovable as yours will need a bed of equal measure - which is why we like to say “measure twice, order once!”

Pet Bed Sizes: How To Find a Pet Bed That Measures Up

Along with the handy size chart above, use these tips to determine the most perfect bed size for your furry companion:

1. Weight is a factor, but not the only one.

Pets come in different shapes and sizes, so weight is less of a factor than making sure there’s enough cushion to sink into. to push in. That said, we do mention weight ranges on our quick-sizing reference because weight typically follows measurements fairly proportionally; just make adjustments for your animal’s sleeping arrangements.


2. While your pet is sleeping, note their position.

Do they curl up? Stretch out? Sprawl? Is it consistent from day-to-day or does it depend on the hour?


3. Measure their length at their longest while sleeping.

This could be from nose to tail or from front legs to hind legs; whatever protrudes the farthest is your starting and ending. To clarify, measure when your pet is sleeping, not while you are. ;)


4. Add some wiggle room.

Add 4-6” for small dogs and cats and up to 12” for medium- and large-sized dogs. When in doubt, order a size up; we rarely have clients regret ordering a bigger bed.


5. Make room in your room.

The bed may fit the dog, but where does it fit in your living room? Once you determine the perfect pet bed size, find out where it would best fit in your home. Take the product measurements and apply them to a large piece of paper or a deconstructed paper sack and start playing with it.


Remember, our pet beds are designed to fit right in with your style, so it’s OK if it takes up space in the room.  At least your dog will always know where they stand (or sleep)!

On the flip side, if you need to fit a smaller-than-ideal bed into a corner of your space, that's OK too.  They will make it work or learn to curl up on it - I know this from experience! 


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