• The Charlie Cushion

    Waterproof. Washable. Ridiculously Chic.

  • The Catnip Cuddler

    Ditch the box lids
  • The Rifle Paper Collection

    Gorgeous botanicals + Luscious minky fleece = Irresistible comfort.

  • Fabulous beds for fabulous pets Determined to reduce waste in the pet bed industry, we’ve created resilient, chic pet products that are pretty enough to place in any room of your home.
  • Ethically made in the USA We are proud to create fair wage jobs here in the USA. We sleep better at night knowing we aren’t cutting corners–on style, on comfort, or on human rights.
  • Giving back drives us forward We are determined to live in a world where shelters are empty and bellies are full; where every pet–and person–has a safe place to call home.

Notes from the Janery Studio

How To Keep Wildlife Hydrated During Drought

Dive into the world of Wildlife Watering Stations and become a backyard hero! I'm spilling the beans on why your garden needs a hydration hub during severe droughts. You'll get the inside scoop on creating watering spots for furry and feathered neighbors, from deer to pollinators, and we'll even let you in on the secret trick to keep mosquitoes at bay. Let's make your garden the hottest hangout spot for both your pets and the local wildlife – join the adventure now!

The Waterproof Crate Bed Dog Owners Are Raving About

Go-anywhere comfort meets effortless washability. This lightweight crate bed goes the extra mile — in style.  Traditional crate beds never stay in place. They stink,...

Rave reviews

  • "Beautiful fabric and quality construction...and made in the USA! More importantly, Ms.Kitty approves."
  • "Very well made dog bed cover that fit our leftover foam perfectly and created a stylish and durable bed that we are able to wash whenever it needs it."
  • "I lost my lap cat to this amazing soft cat pad!"
  • "Aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. Amazing company to shop with. Not only are the products good — aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, but the delivery and customer service was very good."

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