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The Catnip Mat Says Yes, Cat Beds Can Be Chic!

The Catnip Mat Says Yes, Cat Beds Can Be Chic!

Cats will curl up and snooze on just about anything. As long as it isn’t theirs, it’s theirs!

Your t-shirt, a pile of towels, your antique chair, the blanket at the foot of the bed… wherever your cat isn’t meant to be, that’s the first place you’ll find them.

And I think that poses two problems: Cat hair claims every surface of your home, and your kitties don’t have a soft spot to call their own. 

Enter The Catnip Mat. 

Janery Washable Catnip Mat Designer Cat Bed Rifle Paper Company Fabric


I created the irresistible, versatile, cushy Catnip Mat to keep your furniture hair and clawmark-free without compromising your kitty’s favorite nap spot.

Because it’s a million times easier to make a cute cat bed that kitties can’t get enough of than to train a feline to surrender that armchair. 

This cat bed’s best features include:

  • The snooze-worthy softness of a cozy blanket (or fresh basket of laundry)
  • Style that complements your home and comforts your cat
  • Designer canvas fabric that’s as chic as it is claw-proof
  • An easy-wash cover and padding
  • Pre-loaded organic catnip leaf with a hidden refill pocket

Janery Catnip Mat Washable Style Cat Bed



And there’s more to love about this washable designer cat bed:

The light padding and chic, cozy fabrics of the Catnip Mat rival your cat’s old favorite nap spot, but with the built-in benefit of repelling hair, scratches, and poor taste. And when life gives you “uh-ohs,” the Catnip Mat is as stylish as it is washable. Because we all need a little more livable luxury in our lives, right? 

Best of all, the Catnip Mat’s hidden pocket comes fully-filled with a scoop of our signature organic catnip leaf. This little bonus means your new cat bed is sure to be a kitty favorite straight out of the box.


Janery Catnip Mat Hidden Opening Catnip Refill

The Catnip Mat is a sophisticated cat bed for people who love their feline and their fabulous decor.


Because fashion isn’t just for humans.

The Catnip Mat is an effortless solution for the discerning pet parent. Every cat bed is handmade in small batches right here in Virginia. And because it’s made by Janery, you can trust that it’s stitched together with fair labor, sustainable manufacturing processes, and planet-friendly materials. 

When you find the perfect Catnip Mat for the feline in your life, Janery is proud to donate a portion of your purchase to the charities and causes closest to our hearts— those that make the world a better place for the pets (and pet-people) who call it home. 


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