Notes From the Janery Studio

Pet Care Tips

  • Itching to treat your pet for fleas and ticks? Start here.

    Flea and tick season has returned to much of the United States, which means many pet owners are looking for the best flea, tick, and parasite preventative medications for their cats and dogs.   We're paying closer attention to our dog Amber, checking her for ticks after hikes in the woods.  We’re... View Post
  • Shed Happens: 10 Ways to Fight Pet Fur

    You've bought the fabulous pet bed to protect your furniture.  You've made sure they have the best food to keep their coat shiny and healthy.  But let's face it - shed happens.  So how do you keep your furniture pet hair free? I’ve had up to 5 pets at a time in my life, and loved them all dearly ... View Post
  • Together By Design: 5 Ways To Help Your Dog Feel Like They Belong

    Helping new pets feel at home in your home is a bit of an art form, and no one knows that better than we do. Inspired by my first rescue dog, Charlie, my soft spot for animals now give pets a soft place to land--with pet beds pretty enough to place in every room. Here are 5 ways to you can help y... View Post

Hi, I’m Jane Pearson!

I'm the founder and designer behind Janery.  Janery’s pet beds were inspired by my years as a pet foster mom, veterinary hospital manager, and interior design enthusiast.  I’m obsessed with interior design, ethical manufacturing, and artisan products that are made to last. When I’m not running Janery,  you’ll find me exploring the outdoors with my kids and dog, or in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. Thanks for stopping by!