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  • Spotted: Our Waterproof Dog Beds in Modern Dog Magazine

    Janery's waterproof, washable modern dog beds have been spotted in the Summer issue of Modern Dog Magazine!  It’s always thrilling to open an email from an editor at a publication like theirs, and being featured in magazines never gets old.

    The editors at Modern Dog thought our waterproof Emerald Charlie Cushion was the best dog bed for summer (just like the editors at Oprah last year!), and we’re so proud to see our rescued Poodle, Amber, modeling it.  The photography and home design is by our friend Laura Metzler, a professional photographer in Washington, DC.

    Janery Emerald Charlie Cushion The Best Dog Bed

    Modern Dog Magazine understands that keeping your dog stylishly comfortable in your home should be effortless.   And the waterproof design of Janery's Charlie Cushion helps you do just that - when accidents happen, you can toss the waterproof dog bed liner and the designer dog bed cover in the wash, and have your dog back to napping, odor free and comfortable, in 1 hour.

    Janery Waterproof Luxury Dog Bed

    You may have pets that have the run of the house, but you really don’t have to sacrifice style for function. The best dog beds are chic, waterproof, washable, resilient, and sweatshop-free, like the Charlie Cushion, which available here in 8 modern colors.

    PS:  The Charlie Cushion is proudly and ethically manufactured in the USA, with 5% of 2019 sales going to the Richmond Animal League through our Cozy for a Cause initiative.  

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  • "O" My Goodness: Janery's dog bed spotted in Oprah Magazine!

    I’ll be the first to tell you I get butterflies every time a magazine asks permission to feature one of Janery’s fabulous pet beds. And each time, I temper it with, “This is all awesome, but I won’t really get excited until I’m in Oprah Magazine.”

    And then I opened the email that changed everything.

    Janery's  is in Oprah Magazine.

    Page 65 of the May issue, to be exact.  They featured our luxurious waterproof dog bed, the Charlie Cushion in Emerald Leopard.

    Janery Designer Dog Bed Emerald in Oprah Magazine

    When I got the news, I did what every self-respecting entrepreneur who has created a business from scratch and great fabrics would do--in this order.

    1. Gasped.
    2. Called my husband.
    3. Googled to make sure the email was real--and found the Oprah team to be an engaged group who, on top of having fabulous taste in pet beds (ahem), are also supportive of smaller artisan businesses.
    4. Ended the day with celebratory champagne and a French macaron from my favorite patisserie.
    5. Set to work, determined as ever to make sure Janery - and its customers - always have chic, comfortable, life-worthy products at the ready.

    Janery Charlie Cushion Waterproof Dog Bed Gemstone Emerald Leopard As seen in O Oprah Magazine

    Thank you for proving that form and function have a place in the homes of style-minded pet owners.  While I wish Charlie and Merlin were here to see this, I’m happy knowing that hundreds of wonderful pets like them have chic, welcoming, and durable soft places to land because of what they started. Yours included.

    Oprah’s magazine has always been on my list of favorite things. The next milestone: To be on hers.

    PS:  Since you’re not here to share my champagne, I wanted to give you something equally bubbly and celebratory: an invitation to an exclusive VIP-only sale.  They’re enjoying a secret discount on everything Janery! I invite you to come clink glasses with us before the party’s over.

    Janery Designer Dog Bed in Oprah Magazine Join VIP Club

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  • Spotted: We’re in Modern Dog Magazine!

    I am excited to announce that our Charlie Cushion is featured in the spring issue of Modern Dog Magazine!

    Our adopted Poodle, Amber, is still bouncing around the house, excited by her first time in print. Or maybe she just needs a walk. ;) But I digress...

    It’s always thrilling to open an email from an editor at a publication I love, and being featured in magazines like this never gets old.

    Janery has been featured in Modern Dog Magazine

    So, what will you find in Modern Dog? Our fabulous Charlie Cushion in this season’s Gemstone Ruby pattern along with one of our gorgeous reversible Ruby throw pillows to match.

    Modern Dog Magazine totally understands Janery’s vision for fabulous pet beds that handle whatever life throws at them (literally) - and I love that they get it!  

    You may have pets that have the run of the house, but you really don’t have to sacrifice style for function. I’m passionate about making home and pet products full of easy, chic style - even huge pet beds.

    PS:  Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon. And if you’re not part of the VIP Club, trust me - you should be! Join here.


    Janery has been featured in Modern Dog Magazine

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  • Janery's Charlie Cushion: As seen in Washingtonian Magazine

    Janery's Charlie Cushion was spotted in the February issue of Washingtonian magazine!  Can you see the excited grin on my face?

    Here’s what makes it a super-proud-business-mama moment for me: I never once have pitched my products to publications.

    Each time, I’ve had the joy of answering the phone or opening an email to discover that a magazine would love to feature one of Janery’s pet beds. It’s a pretty amazing feeling for me, as the creator of this small business. It's right up there with rescuing a charismatic puppy and waking up after a full night of uninterrupted sleep (new parents and new pet owners know what I’m talking about).

    I did have to laugh a little at idea that my waterproof dog bed ended up on the “Splurge” side of things, though. It is more expensive than beds you’ll find in a big box store, that’s true - but it is So. Much. Better. Just because it's highly stylish and ethically manufactured (and resilient, waterproof and washable), doesn’t make it extravagant. It just makes it worth it.

    And wouldn’t it be great if all products were worth it?

    Janery's Waterproof Dog Bed was featured in Washingtonian Magazine

     For the record, the world “splurge” never fails to make me grin. And now I have two reasons to smile when I think of it.

    To celebrate our special mention, I’d like to offer you a special treat. 

    With each purchase of a Merlin Mat for the remainder of the month, you will get a free box of our all-natural dog treats! (Tell me which flavor in the notes or I’ll just send you my favorite). If you have travel crates, more than one animal, or just love the idea of a waterproof protective surface, now is your time to stock up! (Or, should I say. . . splurge? ;)


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  • Spotted: Janery's Charlie Cushion in Southern Living!

    That moment flip open the current issue of Southern Living and see one of your own products gracing its pages.

    Welcome to my week.

    This is exciting on a few levels. One, it’s Southern Living--a magazine I’ve been pinning to bulletin boards for years. Two, it features our fantastically brilliant Yellow Ginkgo print, which basically spreads happiness by osmosis. And three, SOUTHERN. LIVING.

    The magazine touts our unique modern style, but what the page didn’t mention is that our Charlie Cushion is as fashionable as it is functional; no other dog bed on the planet looks this good while resisting stains, odors, fur, and funk.

    We’ve come a long way since Charlie first found her way into my heart and inspired the legacy that would become a soft place for so many other loved and rescued pets to land. Each Charlie Cushion is infused with her charm: strong, playful, resilient, and worthy of a prominent spot in the home. The Yellow Ginkgo captures that in spades, and you can, too, while this limited-edition print is still available.

    I couldn’t wait to frame this next to her picture in my inspiring, new sewing studio.

    Here’s to making real life really beautiful.


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  • As Seen In: A Colorful Master Bedroom Makeover

    Charlie Cushions are designed to blend seamlessly into even the most fabulous spaces, and it always makes my day to see one in use!  I was so thrilled to spot Janery’s Navy Herringbone Charlie Cushion on the Hi Sugarplum blog, when Cassie shared her Master Bedroom Refresh.

    Janery Charlie Cushion Navy Herringbone HiSugarplum Master Bedroom

    I love a good pop of color and strong pattern mixing, so of course I love Cassie’s bedroom.  She has the incredible ability to mix unique patterns and colors to keep her space interesting, rather than just blindly following trends.  

    Hi Sugarplum Blog Master Bedroom Sitting Area

    Head over to Hi Sugarplum and check out all the details of her fabulous master bedroom makeover!  

    PS: If your pup needs a fabulous waterproof dog bed that won’t cramp your style, you can check out all of Janery’s modern dog beds right here.

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