Notes From the Janery Studio

Janery In The News

  • Spotted: Our Waterproof Dog Beds in Modern Dog Magazine

    Janery's waterproof, washable modern dog beds have been spotted in the Summer issue of Modern Dog Magazine!  It’s always thrilling to open an email from an editor at a publication like theirs, and being featured in magazines never gets old. The editors at Modern Dog thought our waterproof Emerald... View Post
  • "O" My Goodness: Janery's dog bed spotted in Oprah Magazine!

    I’ll be the first to tell you I get butterflies every time a magazine asks permission to feature one of Janery’s fabulous pet beds. And each time, I temper it with, “This is all awesome, but I won’t really get excited until I’m in Oprah Magazine.” And then I opened the email that changed everythi... View Post
  • Spotted: We’re in Modern Dog Magazine!

    I am excited to announce that our Charlie Cushion is featured in the spring issue of Modern Dog Magazine! Our adopted Poodle, Amber, is still bouncing around the house, excited by her first time in print. Or maybe she just needs a walk. ;) But I digress... It’s always thrilling to open an email f... View Post

Hi, I’m Jane Pearson!

I'm the founder and designer behind Janery.  Janery’s pet beds were inspired by my years as a pet foster mom, veterinary hospital manager, and interior design enthusiast.  I’m obsessed with interior design, ethical manufacturing, and artisan products that are made to last. When I’m not running Janery,  you’ll find me exploring the outdoors with my kids and dog, or in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. Thanks for stopping by!