Notes From the Janery Studio

  • Welcoming our newest (human) family member!

    We are thrilled to announce the healthy arrival of our newest family member! Baby Imogen joined our family in February, and the whole family is doing well - especially our 4 year old, who is nearly exploding with joy.

    After days of soaking it all in, the Poodle is ready to resume family hikes; the cats, on the other hand, are, well, cats. (I’m sure they have lots opinions on the small, wailing addition to our little herd.)

    The best thing about being a small, family-owned business is that I get to share these personal moments with folks who (I hope) understand our need to suspend order shipment while I’m on maternity leave. Shipping will resume on March 25th, and we’ll get the orders out as fast as possible in the order they were placed.

    Thanks for being a part of the Janery family, and please make sure you're signed up for our fabulous VIP Newsletter so you don't miss any updates. 

    Janery VIP Club Pet Birthday Treats

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    Paw-don me, have you seen our new, classy Cat Lady Starter Kit?

    If you or someone you know is slowly becoming a classy cat lady, then this is the purr-fect gift idea to make you the best cat aunt ever. There’s nothing crazy about the love of a fabulous feline which is why we want all of our cat lady (and cat gentlemen!) fans to have a chic and easy way to welcome their new family members home.

    It’s no secret that cats love our Catnip Cuddlers and Catnip Log toys, so we knew we wanted to create a cat lady gift that would introduce brand new kittens or new-to-you rescue kitties to a world where they have a soft place to land (and the freshest and best local, stemless catnip out there).

    Janery Cat Lady Starter Kit Catnip Cuddler Catnip Kicker Toy

    The Cat Lady Starter Kit comes in all of our best-selling patterns and colors (including our Faux Fur Catnip Cuddler) and contains:

    • One washable, sophisticated Catnip Cuddler
    • A coordinating 10” Catnip Log  toy
    • 1.5oz bag of irresistible Catnip Leaf for refills
    • And it’s all tucked inside a sleek black box, ready for gifting - or for a bonus cat hideaway.

    Sorry, the cat isn’t included, but we’re happy to point you in the direction of a rescue like Richmond Animal League, that can help you find a new feline family member.

    Janery Cat Lady Starter Kit Catnip Cuddler Catnip Kicker Toy

    Even our latest #JaneryStyle winner Hanx and his sisters love our Cat Lady Starter Kit. Take a look:

    Every cat deserves kitty safe catnip, and every cat lady deserves a designer cat bed that fits in with their decor (and keeps Fluffy’s fur off the couch!).



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  • Get to know Hanx the Manx, Our Latest #JaneryStyle star!

    Congrats to our latest #JaneryStyle ComPETition winner, Hanx and his mom, Taura.

    We always leave it up to to pick our winner, because there’s no way we could choose ourselves!

    Taura and her trio of Manx have been longtime fans of Janery and we’ve enjoyed watching her pride grow over the years, but when we saw Hanx, well, we could tell he was special.

    Since Hanx is so purr-ty atop his Faux Fur Catnip Cuddler, we decided to give him the model treatment and learn more about his story.

    How old is Hanx?

    Hanx just turned 6 months old and he’s already almost 8 lbs!

    What was the inspiration for Hanx’s name?

    Tom Hanks was visiting my town while filming the Mr. Roger’s movie so I checked his Instagram to see if he posted anything local and noticed that he signed all of his posts as Hanx. I thought that would make a great cat name, and lo and behold, not two weeks later I ended up with a kitten! My friends call him Tom Hanx Cat, lol.

    How did Hanx join your family?

    My coworker found him wandering in her yard when he was only 4 weeks old. After much peer pressure, I took him in to complete my Manx Trifecta. He was still on kitten formula and had never seen a litter box before, but otherwise, he’s been the easiest cat I’ve ever had.


    What are some of Hanx’s funniest habits?

    Hanx is a giant goofball! He never turns around to look at things, he just turns his head around or flips it upside down to see what’s going on behind him! He’s quite the cuddler and enjoys hanging out inside my sweatshirt.

    What’s Hanx’s sleeping style? Is he a curler-upper, a stretcher-outer, or a flop-down-anywhere sort of pet?

    Hanx can fall asleep anywhere. He normally curls up like a little shrimp, but sometimes he’ll just stretch out across my ankles or over another cat with his head hanging off the couch.

    What kind of treats does Hanx go crazy for?

    Food. In general. Mine. His. He doesn’t mind! He acts like he’s always starving.

    How has Hanx changed your life/your family’s life for the better?

    Hanx came to me not long before my best friend passed away from cancer. Having his crazy antics to take my mind off things and always have a warm fuzzy cat in my lap helped me greatly. He sleeps under the covers with me every night, he follows me everywhere I go, and he keeps the Big Kitties on their toes! We’re all so glad to have him.

    Do you have other pets?

    Pixie (7) and Thea (4) are both Manx cats as well. I adopted Thea about a year before Hanx and she and Pixie had tolerated each other but it wasn’t love. Hanx fills such a need for both of them. Thea is definitely a Momma and taught him how to be a cat and he will cuddle with her and they’ll groom each other for hours. Pixie is so playful and is glad to have a friend to get into trouble with!

    What has been your biggest challenge with Hanx?

    Ankle biting! He didn’t have littermates to teach him to play, so he learned from Thea, who I often refer to as The Bitey One.

    If you could give prospective or new pet owners one piece of advice, what would it be?

    Don’t be afraid to take in an orphan kitten! Kitten Lady’s website taught me everything I needed to know and my little boy is the most bonded, sweet, playful guy I could’ve ever imagined!


    Remember, you can share your #JaneryStyle anytime - even if you've had your Janery for months, or years even. Here's how to throw your leash in the ring for a chance to win a fetching bi-monthly #JaneryStyle prize package worth $86:

    On Instagram:

    1. Post a pic of your pet enjoying a Janery product* on your Instagram account.
    2. Tag @shopjanery in the photo
    3. Use #JaneryStyle somewhere in the caption or comment so we know you're playing along!
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    5. Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time!
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    On Facebook:

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    5. Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time!

    *No, it doesn't have to be a pet bed! If your pet loves to pose with our throw pillows, that's cool too!

    For full contest details click here.

    Taura and her trio love our Catnip Cuddlers and Catnip Kicker toys. Just rescued your first feline? You’ll want to check out our Cat Lady Starter Kit.

    Special thanks and a hearty round of “app-paws” to Taura, Pixie, Thea and of course Hanx for taking the time to answer our questions and share their story with us.


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  • We've gone country . . . where they really put the "neigh" in neighbor!

    Why hello there! It’s been one month since our family moved from the Washington, DC suburbs to 5 acres in the Shenandoah Valley. We’ve gained fresh air, wide open spaces, and wildlife in our yard. Some expected, some . . . not so much.

    One recent morning around 6 am, I buckled our daughter into her car seat, said goodbye to her and my husband, and headed back into the house to warm up. I was pouring a cup of coffee when I heard my husband open the door and yell:

    “Jane, I need your help. There’s a horse in our front yard.”

    Yes, you read that right.

    I ran outside in my robe and slippers, and sure enough, there was a large shadow of a horse right there next to our bedroom window. I’ve had a lot of experiences catching dogs - and even some cats - on the streets, but never a horse.

    Nevertheless, my husband said “I’ll go tell the neighbors” and I followed with “Ok, I’ll try to get the horse home.” I walked towards the horse in the dark, and started waving my arms saying “go home, go home!”

    As he picked up speed and trotted towards the house across the street, I jogged after him, talking to him the whole way. When we arrived at his fence, I slowly approached, letting him sniff me before I laid a hand on his neck. He bent his head down and gently snuffled my head and neck with his velvet nose.

    We spent a few minutes of quality time together before his mom came out with my husband, bewildered by the stranger knocking on her door in the dark of early morning.

    Unfortunately, not every morning at our new home is beginning with velvety horse snuffles - but at least it happened once - and I couldn’t say that about our old home in town!Janery Horse in Front Yard


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  • How Amber the Standard Poodle Found our Family

    August 30th marked 4 years since we adopted Amber, our Standard Poodle.  In honor of her anniversary, here’s the story of how she found us.

    When we learned that Amber needed a home, most people thought we were crazy to even consider adopting her.  I was 5 months pregnant with our first child, and we were spending every weekend (and then some) out of town, caring for my mom who was in the end stages of her battle with bone cancer. I was still working and traveling for my corporate job while attempting to keep Janery afloat despite the upheaval in our lives.

    But Ryan and I aren’t like other people, and we trusted our guts.  Ryan grew up with Standard Poodles, and when he met me and my four pets, his only request was that our next dog be a Poodle. I thought they were fancy and too serious, but his family’s poodles won me over quickly.  

    Janery Charlie Cushion How Amber Joined Our Family

    When we lost Charlie in December 2013, she left a hole in all our hearts - and Merlin was extremely lonely.  For the first time in his 12 years, Merlin showed signs of separation anxiety. We’d arrive home to find our usually angelic Merlin frantic, panting, shaking, and whining.  He even ate through a wooden baby gate twice.

    Nearby Poodle rescues wouldn’t adopt to families with kids under 5 or babies on the way.  When Ryan’s mom heard from her poodle breeder that a sweet, 1-year-old poodle puppy had been returned by the man who bought her, we were intrigued.

    We didn’t really want to deal with a young puppy – the housebreaking, the waking up at all hours, etc.  And my rescue-prone heart was already aching for this sweet girl who’d been “returned” after only a year.  

    Janery Charlie Cushion How Amber Joined Our Family

    When we took Merlin to meet Amber she immediately melted my heart.  She was fearful but sweet, and the more we learned of her story, the more I felt that we should adopt her.  Amber had been born to an amateur breeder who was unable to sell her. She was then transported to the breeder we met – in the trunk of a car.

    Then a man bought her, and called the breeder all the time, complaining about the puppy.  “I didn’t know I’d have to walk her.” “Dog food costs $30 a bag!”  “I have white carpets.”  

    I try not to judge, but I honestly can not understand this mindset.  To this day, we don’t understand why that man bought a puppy, and we wonder just how he treated her.  From the day we brought her home, she was well behaved, house trained, and eager to please - but was terrified (to the point of running in fear) when people reached for her collar.

    Janery Charlie Cushion How Amber Joined Our Family

    Despite her fearful nature, Amber fit in perfectly with our family.  She was successfully off-leash trained in three short weeks. She and Merlin hit it off, playing and wrestling and making ridiculous noises in no time at all.  Through the rest of my pregnancy, she was by my side, and we enjoyed daily 2-mile walks that kept her energy controlled and my health intact.

    Janery Charlie Cushion How Amber Joined Our Family

    When our daughter was born, Amber immediately kicked into “nanny mode.”  We were careful to always watch their interactions because you can never totally trust any dog and a baby, but Amber was interested and gentle.  She could often be found sleeping next to the crib, keeping an eye on her baby. Three years later, they’re the best of friends, and it’s clear that Amber was perfect for a family dog.

    Janery Charlie Cushion How Amber Joined Our Family

    She loves to go hiking - a “must” in my world - and is at her most well-behaved when she’s off leash on the trail with me.  I didn’t train her to do this, so I’m guessing she just likes to work.

    She has her quirks and has had some very unexpected and expensive medical issues, but four years later we have no regrets.  We couldn’t have found a better dog to join our family just as we added children to the mix.

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  • Welcome Forgotten Felines of Culpeper To Cozy For a Cause!

    “All Cats Deserve Love” and so do the people who love them.

    Janery Cozy for a Cause Forgotten Felines of Culpeper

    Welcome Forgotten Felines of Culpeper to the Cozy family!

    Janery Cozy for a Cause Forgotten Felines of Culpeper

    Forgotten Felines of Culpeper has a mission statement and a passion for the cats of Northern Virginia that will draw you in from the start:

    ALL cats deserve love.
    ALL cats deserve a good home.
    ALL cats deserve to be treated with respect and given care.

    Our cat, Aretha, is a rescue with - shall we say - personality? But we love her just the way she is, even when she sheds all over my favorite chair.

    That’s why we were captivated by Lynn and her team, because we too believe every pet deserves a cozy place to land - especially the pets with a tough exterior who are just waiting for the right family.

    What makes Forgotten Felines of Culpeper different is that they rescue, rehabilitate and socialize community cats - the toughest of the tough, because they had to be just to survive. Often these kitties are written off as too difficult to rescue, but not for Forgotten Felines.

    We think that dedication deserves a treat - don’t you?  Enter code COZYFFC in the discount box at checkout and 10% of your purchase will go directly to this worthy cause. It’s that simple!

    What is Cozy for a Cause?

    All of the Janery four-legged interns have been rescues, which means as a company, we have a soft spot for the humans who help them. We created Cozy for a Cause as a way to give back to organizations that give homeless animals a “paw up”.

    How do you help? By shopping with a Cozy Code that supports your favorite rescue organization and we give them 10% of your purchase value. You can learn more about Cozy for a Cause here.

    Want to see your favorite rescue organization supported by Cozy for a Cause? We do, too! Pop over to Instagram or Facebook and leave us their contact information or Email Us and we’ll reach out. It’s as easy as a walk in the park with a well-behaved pup. ;)

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