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  • What Is Ethical Manufacturing and Why Should I Care?

    Find out why ethical manufacturing is good for business—and for you.

    Janery What Is Ethical Manufacturing and Why Should I Care?

    From the first day I opened Janery’s virtual doors, I was committed to creating sophisticated pet beds with an unapologetic commitment to quality. Some of this quality you can see and feel—the double-stitched seams, the deep-dyed patterns, the channel-sewn cushion, the impressive waterproof liner—and some of this quality is inherent in the ethical manufacturing, which includes the quality of life for the people who help pull it all together.

    I’ve written about how to be an ethical consumer, and I’ve shared some of my favorite ethical businesses with you. But what does “ethical manufacturing” really mean?

    Not all ethical manufacturing occurs in America, and not all American manufacturing is ethical.

    Picturing unethical manufacturing is unfortunately easy to do. We’ve all seen the pictures in the media of the sweatshops in foreign countries. It might surprise you, however, to learn that “American-made” isn’t a guarantee of ethical manufacturing, and popular stores, like Los-Angeles-based, fashion giant Forever21, have a long history of exploiting workers and state law. As recently as last fall, companies were found paying as little as $4/hour to workers who put in 11-hour days.

    Conversely, not all overseas factories are unethical. Companies like Cambodia-based Tonlé focus on improved quality of life and safety for their workforce. Per Tonlé’s website:

    “We're a zero waste, ethical fashion brand on a big mission, to reduce waste generated by larger factories and change the way business is done in the fashion industry. Our process starts with scrap waste sourced from mass clothing manufacturers. Using every last thread, we create handmade clothing and accessories signed by their Cambodian makers. Our family of employees is made up of individuals with spirit, drive and dreams. Together, we’ve built a supportive environment where everyone expresses themselves freely, learns new skills, and gains confidence in what they do. We believe style is more than what you wear – it’s what you choose to be a part of.”

    Everlane is another example. Their tagline, “Modern Basics, Radical Transparency” makes it easy to see where their priorities lay. I am so inspired by their transparency and their mission to improve the lives of the people who make the products they sell. They have factories from LA to Vietnam, spread across four continents. The best part? They encourage you to #KnowYourFactories, and in each product listing, you can click a link to see the actual factory where that product was produced.  

    On a global scale, ethical manufacturing focuses on the good health, safety, and fair compensation of the workforce. These best practices often include a commitment to minimizing waste, thorough product testing, and proper labeling. When you can source your favorite products ethically, you know you’re voting for companies that respect the time, energy, and talent that goes into each and every product. Wouldn’t this be great if it were the norm - instead of the exception?

    Yes, ethical manufacturing will always cost more than sweatshop labor, because it reflects the true value of what you are purchasing. It’s a small investment to ensure the best dog beds and the best cat beds on the market.

    Janery What Is Ethical Manufacturing and Why Should I Care?

    What does ethical manufacturing mean to us at Janery?

    When I bring in more hands to work on our luxury pet beds, I consider several factors before placing an order with a sewing factory:

    • Employees of all levels are treated with respect.
    • Employees are paid a fair, legal wage - and ideally, a living wage.
    • Employees work reasonable hours and are working at-will:  no bonded labor, no underage employment, the doors are unlocked, and they are free to leave at any time.
    • A safe work environment where repairs are made and safety equipment is available.
    • Ideally, all employees receive benefits and healthcare - though our country has a ways to go with this one.

    Because of these benchmarks, I’ve been able to form amazing partnerships with manufacturers across the country, from Michigan to North Carolina and Maine.

    I sleep better at night knowing we aren’t cutting corners—on style, on comfort, or on human rights, and you can rest easy knowing that your pup’s favorite waterproof dog bed has both chic, effortless style—and a higher purpose.

    Explore the Janery product line and feel the Janery difference.

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  • Together By Design: 5 Ways To Help Your Dog Feel Like They Belong

    Helping new pets feel at home in your home is a bit of an art form, and no one knows that better than we do. Inspired by my first rescue dog, Charlie, my soft spot for animals now give pets a soft place to land--with pet beds pretty enough to place in every room.

    Here are 5 ways to you can help your new dog feel welcome in their new home.

    1.  Embrace the form.

    Dog beds often get shoved out of sight in dark corners, since they are traditionally kind of frumpy - and that’s putting it nicely. The more the bed looks and feels like a beautiful accessory in the space, the more you'll show it off, and the more your dog will feel like he belongs, too.Janery 5 Ways To Help Your Dog Feel Like They Belong

    2.  Keep it fresh.

    If there’s one thing pet owners have in common, it’s a love of animals--and an aversion to a house that smells like them. Seek out beds with waterproof, odor-resistant liners and modern, washable, upholstery-weight fabrics that can withstand wear.  One way to make pets comfortable and welcome in every room is by providing a conveniently-placed bed that complements your decor, so they aren’t compelled to hang out on your furniture.Janery 5 Ways To Help Your Dog Feel Like They Belong Laura Metzler Photography Waterproof Dog Bed Cover

    3.  Find what fits their needs.

    Pets come in different sizes and shapes, and they all sleep differently. If you are wondering how to find the right size dog bed, pay attention to their position. Some small dogs like to stretch, some big dogs like to curl into a small donut, and some dogs don’t like to sleep alone. Your dog’s weight is a good starting point for choosing the right bed, but his sleep shape matters just as much.

    4.  Create consistency.

    Firm rules and structure help dogs know where they fit in and how to function happily in the family. Finding a dog bed that works--and sticking with it--gives your dog a sense of security. Cheaper, conventionally manufactured dog beds aren’t meant to last; the filling gets bunched, the seams rip, and most fabrics can’t be washed effectively. Think about how you’d feel if someone kept switching out your mattress just as you got comfortable--it’s not a great feeling.Janery 5 Ways To Help Your Dog Feel Like They Belong Charlie Cushion Hi Sugarplum

    5.  Give some space.

    While it’s important to help your pet feel at home, it’s just important to give them their own space. Give your new dog a stylish-yet-functional dog bed next to a couch or tucked in the corner, so pets are close enough where they feel like they are in on the action, but far enough away to get a rest if they need it. Lightweight washable pet mats can also help cover sofas and chairs for pets who are invited up.

    Of course, even if you find the perfect dog bed and put it in the perfect spot, it may take some time for your dog to make an instant connection to your home. Rest assured, this transition phase will pass, and it won’t be long before you--and your dog--can’t remember a time when you didn’t belong together.

    Photo Credits:

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  • Cats Can't Resist These Snuggle-Worthy Cat Beds

    Janery's new Faux Fur Catnip Mats and toys take the "faux paws" out of cat beds, offering a luxurious, snuggle-worthy spot that you don't need to hide from guests.

    We created this special collection just fur you, after you made it clear that your cats looooove a good fur-like bed.  It’s true, we’re total softies when it comes to customer requests. And while we were at it, we created coordinating faux fur Catnip Kickers. (Does your cat love 18” of furry fabulous fun?  You be the judge!)

    This addition to our already fabulous line of luxury pet beds will stand the test of time and style. The most finicky feline princess (or prince) will be charmed by this plush, silky soft fabric (and the fresh, kitty-safe catnip inside). You’ll be charmed by how easily you can toss the bed in the wash to remove fur and hairballs, having it back on your couch in under an hour.

    Janery Faux Fur Catnip Cuddlers, Cat Beds

    Why should you allow yourself to be tempted?

    • Three timeless neutrals offer an option for every style: Silver, Black, and Cream
    • The plush fabric creates our thickest, most luxurious cat bed yet
    • Natural, freshly harvested catnip leaf is tucked inside to seduce your kitty even more
    • The machine washable design means any mess can be resolved quickly and easily
    • Our Catnip Mats are washable and refillable (this stalkless catnip is our fave)

    Janery Catnip Cuddler Faux Fur Cat Snuggle Bed Refillable Callie

    Go ahead, treat your cat like the prince (or princess) they’ve always known they are.  Your furniture will thank us - and so will your designer!

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  • From Baby to Big Girl: A Colorful Nursery with Room to Grow

    Create a nursery space that's bold and kid-friendly, where pets are welcome and the decor will accommodate a growing child.

    From day one, We knew we didn’t want a traditional pink or trendy white/pastel nursery for our baby girl.  We wanted a colorful, happy, and bold room filled with art and other interesting decor items that could hold her interest as she grew into a spirited toddler and then a little girl.

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    We pulled inspiration for the nursery design from two elements: a red kilim rug and the colorful Japanese fabrics used for some of Janery’s most popular pillows. My former office - now the nursery - was painted in Sherwin Williams’ “Lively Yellow”. That existing paint (more green than yellow) worked well with the fabrics and rug, so we kept it.  

    We chose a simple, modern, handmade crib from Kalon Studios, a small artisan business in New England.  The smooth-sanded, unpainted Maple wood design was fitting for our “little sapling”, and is nontoxic if she chewed on the bars of her crib.

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    In lieu of a standard nursery rocker, we recovered my grandmother’s cozy vintage swivel rocker in a stain-resistant blue velvet. The velvet was nearly identical to the original blue upholstery and was much more pet-friendly than the original nubby woven upholstery - which my parents’ cat couldn’t resist.

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    A simple hanging pendant lamp from our favorite vintage furniture shop completed the reading nook.  We framed sections of my favorite out-of-print Japanese fabrics in embroidery hoops to add a little art - another learning opportunity - to the wall.

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    Wanting even the closet to be fun, we removed the bifold doors, replacing them with curtains in yet another colorful Japanese linen. We installed the Elfa closet system, but installed hardwood boards for shelves instead of the laminate shelves sold by the Container Store.  You can find clothes a lot easier if they’re all hanging in a row, so we added a clothes bar to the bottom shelf to avoid having to store all the clothes in a dresser. (Bonus:  now that our daughter is 3, when she dresses herself she doesn’t have to pull a million outfits out of a dresser.)

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    Over the vintage dresser, we created a gallery wall of inspiring art, topped with a fun bird mobile from the Museum of Modern Art.  Again, we chose items that could fit in our home in other ways once Maple was old enough to insist on redecorating her room. :)

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    Sparked by the birds in the window valance fabric and the ottoman, we painted a mural - with the help of a talented friend - over the crib.  

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    Janery A Colorful Nursery that Will Grow with Baby

    Our “little sapling” is 3 years old now, and the nursery is going strong.  She loves it, and we aren’t tired of playing or sitting in it with her.

    Photo credit:  
    Laura Metzler Photography

    Source list:
    Crib / Closet Shelves / Dog Bed / Mobile / Pendant Lamp
    Chair, rug, curtains, side table, window cornice boxes,  and the mural - all vintage or DIY

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  • Meet Lulu, Our Latest #JaneryStyle star!

    Congrats to our latest #JaneryStyle ComPETition winner, Lulu.


    When we saw this photo of Lulu looking chic on her Merlin Mat we fell hard into her big brown eyes! Lulu will receive a fabulous #JaneryStyle Prize Package that includes something fun for Lulu and her human. (Our favorite part is the locally made Sydney Hale candle of their choice!) 

    We always leave it up to to pick our winner, because there’s no way we could narrow it down to one 4-legged best friend! Every furry family member we see is a star and Lulu is a fetching example of that.

    Here are a few more of our fabulous furry friends from the spring:

    A post shared by Taura Gaffney (@taurbar) on

    Remember, you can share your #JaneryStyle anytime - even if you've had your Janery for months, or years even. Here's how to throw your leash in the ring for a chance to win a fetching quarterly #JaneryStyle prize package worth $86:

    On Instagram:

    • Post a pic of your pet enjoying a Janery product* on your Instagram account. 
    • Tag @shopjanery in the photo 
    • Use #JaneryStyle somewhere in the caption or comment so we know you're playing along! 
    • Follow @shopjanery on Instagram. Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time! 
    • Check to make sure your IG profile is set to public so we can see it! 

    On Facebook:

    • Post a pic of your pet enjoying a Janery product* on Janery’s Facebook page. 
    • Tag @shopjanery in the post. 
    • Use #JaneryStyle in your post so we know you’re game. 
    • Follow @shopjanery on Facebook. 
    • Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time! 

    *No, it doesn't have to be a pet bed! If your pet loves to pose with our throw pillows, that's cool too!

    For full contest details click here.

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  • Janery's New Luxury Pet Beds with Classic Style

    Simple, neutral style doesn’t have to be boring - and we set out to prove it with our Classics Collection of dog and cat beds.  These simple-but-never-boring fabrics complement every color palette and provide Janery’s trusted washability features, for high style with low maintenance.

    Cloud, a gorgeous, ethereal gray will fit into almost room without raining on your style.  It’s especially perfect for rooms with sparkling white walls or the current neutral gray tones.

    Janery Luxury Classic Catnip Cuddler Bed Cat Furniture Protector

    Earth, our new deep, rich speckled brown pattern will stand the test of time even with the pack leader at your house. If you have a soft spot for earthy browns, greens, and wine reds, chances are you’ll cozy up to this print in no time.

    Janery Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed Classic Style Earth Tones

    While these new patterns are a twist on traditional neutrals, our waterproof, washable features are just as straightforward as ever.  Earth and Cloud might just be our new “old” favorites.

    How can our new Classics Collection put you (and your pet) on cloud nine?

    • Our luxurious pet beds are washable, so you can enjoy high style with low maintenance
    • The Charlie Cushion boasts a thick, cozy insert with compartments to keep the filling in under your pet, and never out of place.
    • Our signature  waterproof liner protects the Charlie Cushion from moisture, odor, and allergens, making clean-up a breeze
    • The Catnip Mat can be washed and refilled with our premium “kitty safe” catnip leaf
    • Your biggest, toughest cats can enjoy battling our 18” long Catnip Kickers, crafted from the strong designer fabric covering our pet beds
    • The current-yet-timeless patterns make this collection a natural fit in any home. (Pun always intended.)

    Timeless. Classic. Effortlessly Chic. Whether you want a pet bed that won’t cloud your home’s style, or you prefer your decor to be more down to earth, then this is the collection for you.

    PS: When it comes to making your pet comfortable, size matters. Click over to our size guide and learn how to pick the perfect bed for your pet (and your home).

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