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    Paw-don me, have you seen our new, classy Cat Lady Starter Kit?

    If you or someone you know is slowly becoming a classy cat lady, then this is the purr-fect gift idea to make you the best cat aunt ever. There’s nothing crazy about the love of a fabulous feline which is why we want all of our cat lady (and cat gentlemen!) fans to have a chic and easy way to welcome their new family members home.

    It’s no secret that cats love our Catnip Mats and Catnip Log toys, so we knew we wanted to create a cat lady gift that would introduce brand new kittens or new-to-you rescue kitties to a world where they have a soft place to land (and the freshest and best local, stemless catnip out there).

    Janery Cat Lady Starter Kit Catnip Cuddler Catnip Kicker Toy

    The Cat Lady Starter Kit comes in all of our best-selling patterns and colors (including our Faux Fur Catnip Mat) and contains:

    • One washable, sophisticated Catnip Mat
    • A coordinating 10” Catnip Log  toy
    • 1.5oz bag of irresistible Catnip Leaf for refills
    • And it’s all tucked inside a sleek black box, ready for gifting - or for a bonus cat hideaway.

    Sorry, the cat isn’t included, but we’re happy to point you in the direction of a rescue like Richmond Animal League, that can help you find a new feline family member.

    Even our latest #JaneryStyle winner Hanx and his sisters love our Cat Lady Starter Kit. Take a look:

    Every cat deserves kitty safe catnip, and every cat lady deserves a designer cat bed that fits in with their decor (and keeps Fluffy’s fur off the couch!).



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  • Cats Can't Resist These Snuggle-Worthy Cat Beds

    Janery's new Faux Fur Catnip Mats and toys take the "faux paws" out of cat beds, offering a luxurious, snuggle-worthy spot that you don't need to hide from guests.

    We created this special collection just fur you, after you made it clear that your cats looooove a good fur-like bed.  It’s true, we’re total softies when it comes to customer requests. And while we were at it, we created coordinating faux fur Catnip Kickers. (Does your cat love 18” of furry fabulous fun?  You be the judge!)

    This addition to our already fabulous line of luxury pet beds will stand the test of time and style. The most finicky feline princess (or prince) will be charmed by this plush, silky soft fabric (and the fresh, kitty-safe catnip inside). You’ll be charmed by how easily you can toss the bed in the wash to remove fur and hairballs, having it back on your couch in under an hour.

    Janery Faux Fur Catnip Cuddlers, Cat Beds

    Why should you allow yourself to be tempted?

    • Three timeless neutrals offer an option for every style: Silver, Black, and Cream
    • The plush fabric creates our thickest, most luxurious cat bed yet
    • Natural, freshly harvested catnip leaf is tucked inside to seduce your kitty even more
    • The machine washable design means any mess can be resolved quickly and easily
    • Our Catnip Mats are washable and refillable (this stalkless catnip is our fave)

    Janery Catnip Cuddler Faux Fur Cat Snuggle Bed Refillable Callie

    Go ahead, treat your cat like the prince (or princess) they’ve always known they are.  Your furniture will thank us - and so will your designer!

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  • Janery's New Luxury Pet Beds with Classic Style

    Simple, neutral style doesn’t have to be boring - and we set out to prove it with our Classics Collection of dog and cat beds.  These simple-but-never-boring fabrics complement every color palette and provide Janery’s trusted washability features, for high style with low maintenance.

    Cloud, a gorgeous, ethereal gray will fit into almost room without raining on your style.  It’s especially perfect for rooms with sparkling white walls or the current neutral gray tones.

    Janery Luxury Classic Catnip Cuddler Bed Cat Furniture Protector

    Earth, our new deep, rich speckled brown pattern will stand the test of time even with the pack leader at your house. If you have a soft spot for earthy browns, greens, and wine reds, chances are you’ll cozy up to this print in no time.

    Janery Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed Classic Style Earth Tones

    While these new patterns are a twist on traditional neutrals, our waterproof, washable features are just as straightforward as ever.  Earth and Cloud might just be our new “old” favorites.

    How can our new Classics Collection put you (and your pet) on cloud nine?

    • Our luxurious pet beds are washable, so you can enjoy high style with low maintenance
    • The Charlie Cushion boasts a thick, cozy insert with compartments to keep the filling in under your pet, and never out of place.
    • Our signature  waterproof liner protects the Charlie Cushion from moisture, odor, and allergens, making clean-up a breeze
    • The Catnip Mat can be washed and refilled with our premium “kitty safe” catnip leaf
    • Your biggest, toughest cats can enjoy battling our 18” long Catnip Kickers, crafted from the strong designer fabric covering our pet beds
    • The current-yet-timeless patterns make this collection a natural fit in any home. (Pun always intended.)

    Timeless. Classic. Effortlessly Chic. Whether you want a pet bed that won’t cloud your home’s style, or you prefer your decor to be more down to earth, then this is the collection for you.

    PS: When it comes to making your pet comfortable, size matters. Click over to our size guide and learn how to pick the perfect bed for your pet (and your home).

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  • The Charlie Cushion: How The Best Dog Bed Got Its Name

    You could say it takes a certain kind of person to adopt a malnourished, incontinent, mistreated street dog. I would say it takes a certain kind of dog to inspire a human to create a washable, waterproof dog bed that lives up to real life.

    That dog was Charlie.                                                    

    I found Charlie on the streets of Richmond, a Rottweiler-Bully-Heinz57 mix full of tender sweetness and almost no hair. At the time, I was working as a vet tech a local hospital, and I marveled at how this emaciated, survival-savvy dog obediently stood for a shower she obviously hated. That was the remarkable thing about Charlie. She came to the table with so much healing to do from bullet wounds, an eye removal, incontinence, and more (it’s actually pretty heartbreaking to list them all). Where it counted, though--her happy, stoic, affectionate heart--she was a picture of health.

    Janery Charlie The Dog Inspired the Best Luxury Dog Bed

    It was that combination of her incontinence and love that drove me to test just about every kind of dog bed I could find. Cheap ones. Fancy ones. Ugly ones. Pretty ones. No matter how much money or time I spent or how careful I was, the result was frustratingly the same: once Charlie had an accident on them, the beds were toast. Each time I was appalled--surely there was someone out there who made a washable, waterproof, odor-resistant, and sophisticated dog bed.

    Turns out there was. I just hadn’t designed it yet.

    I created the Charlie Cushion out of everything that I felt was missing from all of the “best dog beds” on the market. Every feature has been thoughtfully researched and tested, so you know exactly what you are getting (and how much you’ll love it).

    The best dog beds are washable.

    You could throw away cheap dog beds every time they are ruined by accidents and odors, could save time and energy by investing in a Charlie Cushion that is easy to wash, dry, and put back together. And the benefits of washable dog beds go beyond cost savings. Pets keep their favorite perch. Humans live fabulously funk-free. Landfills get more breathing room. The rest comes out in the rinse cycle.

    The best dog beds have waterproof liners.

    My stylish dog bed covers may be what catch your eye, but I’ll tell you the interior waterproof liner is what’s truly beautiful. Anyone who has ever tried to cram a dog bed cushion in their washer knows how frustrating it is--even if the rare cushion manages to avoid lumps and bare spots, it still holds on to that residual funk. Our easy-to-wash liners make sure accidents, mud, and odors never make it to the insert, so it never has a chance to harbor all of those odors that “smell like dog.” Plus, our premium waterproof dog bed liners can withstand up to 300 washes--that’s 25 years if you wash them once a month--and never miss a beat.

    Janery Waterproof Luxury Dog Bed Water Example

    The best dog beds hold up to real life.

    My Charlie had a soft spot for soft spots, and my thick, cozy cushion inserts are channel-sewn to keep the filling from separating and bunching. No bare spots. No lumps. Just clean, crisp lines and happy, happy dogs. When the waterproof liners do all the hard work, all the cushion has to do is provide the soft place to land.

    The best dog beds are made with love (and ethical, American manufacturing).

    At Janery, we believe that the best products for the home are made here at home. Yes, ethical, American manufacturing is more expensive, but you can’t put a price on humane working conditions. To us, it’s worth it to know that every person who touches our products is paid a fair wage and works in clean, safe working conditions. When you order a Charlie Cushion, you aren’t just investing in one of the best dog beds on the market. You’re investing in people, families, and futures. And that means your dog isn’t the only one sleeping better at night.

    The best dog beds give great support.

    When I set out to make the best dog beds on the planet, I knew I had an opportunity--and a corporate responsibility--to directly support the animal rescue organizations that help amazing animals find loving homes. Enter Cozy for a Cause, Janery’s simple way to connect 10% of your purchase with your favorite rescue organization.

    Charlie Cushion Luxury Waterproof Dog Bed as seen in Oprah Magazine

    The best dog beds fit right in.

    Anyone who says fabulous fabrics in the hottest hues can’t pull a family together hasn’t had a Charlie Cushion in their living room. Great style feels like it belongs, which is why I work so hard to create dog beds and pet accessories that fit right into the mix. Your dog may not be able to appreciate the vibrant colors or the upholstery-grade, washable canvas, but I know you will.

    Find out which fabrics feel most at home: order your free fabric swatches here.

    The Charlie Cushion: Everything you ever wanted in a dog bed, inspired by everything I ever wanted in a dog.

    Charlie Cushions pass the test of real life and are a testament to real love. I eventually lost my sweet girl to cancer, but I’m proud to say her spirit lives on in the products that bear her name. So, here’s to the best dogs and the best dog beds. May they always find each other and a way home.

    How to Choose The Right Size Charlie Cushion

    Learn more about Charlie, the dog who stole my heart and inspired this business


    Janery VIP Club Luxe dog beds. Luxe service. Free Shipping on First order of luxury pet beds.

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  • Limited Edition Flamingo Pet Beds: Which One Will You Flock To?

    Raise a glass (or should I say leg? ) for our new limited edition Flamingo pet beds!

    Time flies when you’re having fun, and our Limited Edition Flamingo collection proves it. This playful flamingo fabric ruffled my feathers in the best way, and I couldn’t wait to see how it paired with the Emerald and Morganite fabrics.  That’s why you’ll find two options for Charlie Cushions (our signature waterproof dog beds) - see both versions here.  

    Who should flock to our Flamingo collection?

    You don’t need to be a native Floridian, but if you embrace a tropical style with a timeless twist, then might we suggest you consider adding Flamingo to your already fearlessly fun decor?  Or perhaps you’re just wishing you lived closer to the beach.

    4 reasons to love Janery’s flamingo pet beds:

    • The gray, blush pink, and emerald green color combination on-trend for spring
    • Our limited edition Flamingo Collection is offered in all of your favorite styles - whether you have fancy felines or playful pups
    • Our Flamingos nest perfectly with the Emerald, Onyx, and Morganite pillows from our Gemstone collection
    • All the Flamingo pet beds boast our signature high-style, low-maintenance construction - either waterproof or fully washable - so you can upgrade your decor with no worries about stains and odors.

    Remember, Flamingos might be water fowl, but there’s nothing foul about our premium waterproof dog bed liners that fit perfectly under our latest design - just in case your pup also joins us in raising a leg.  They lock out the stains, odors, and allergens so that your dog’s luxurious cushion remains fresh.  (Bonus: You’ll save 15% if you slip that waterproof liner into your Charlie Cushion order.)

    5 Ways your pets can help you decorate with Flamingos:

    • The Charlie Cushion - A plush dog bed is protected by a waterproof liner, and topped with our designer flamingo cover to give you (and your dog) high style with low maintenance.
    • The Merlin Mat - In crates, over furniture, or along for the ride, our washable Merlin Mat dog pads are as versatile as they are ridiculously chic.
    • The Dog Bed Cover - The washable cover brings the fabulous look of Janery style into your home, while letting you give new life to an old bed - or letting you upcycle old clothes into a cozy cushion for your pup.
    • The Catnip Mat -  Washable and refillable, our Catnip Mat has a secret opening so that you can refresh the catnip leaf and keep your cat (and his fur) in one spot!
    • The Catnip Kicker -  At 18” long and 2” thick, this stylish cat toy offers hours of fun, especially for cats who love to grab and kick at the same time.

    Anyone who says fabulous prints in the hottest hues can’t pull a family together hasn’t had a Janery dog bed or Catnip Mat in their living room. Great style feels like it belongs, which is why I work so hard to create dog and cat beds that fit right into the mix.

    Your dog may not be able to appreciate these fabulous colors, but I know you do.

    PS: When it comes to making your pet comfortable, size matters. Click over to our size guide and learn how to pick the perfect bed for your pet (and your home).

     Photography Credit: Laura Metzler

    Flamingo Pet Beds by Janery | Waterproof, Washable Dog Beds and Cat Beds ethically manufactured in the USA

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  • Avoid Cat-astrophe, Stock Up on Our New Catnip Spray!

    What’s just as exciting as brand new Catnip Mat?  A freshly washed Catnip Mat stuffed with a fresh new scoop of our our organic, American-grown Catnip Leaf - thanks to our handy refill tubs that we added last year.  They’ve been quite popular with both the Janery Feline Intern and your kitties alike!

    Janery Catnip Spray and Toy Rejuvenator

    As with everything we do here at Janery, we start with our own pets and strive to find the best high-quality treats, made or grown right here in the USA. Why? Because we know you want your pets to be happy and safe, and this is the best way we know how to help you with that.

    Recently, we began selling our all-natural, human-grade dog treats and that meant we wanted to add something special for our catstomers too - something to give a little more life to those old catnip toys you might have hanging around.

    Welcome to Janery: From the Field Catnip Spray and Toy Rejuvenator

    Janery All Natural Catnip Essential Oil Rejuvenator Spray

    What makes this brand of kitty safe catnip spray so fabulous?

    • You can refresh boring old cat toys with a spray or two
    • Safe to spray catnip on any bed you want your cat to use (including our Catnip Mat)
    • Easily spray on scratching posts and toys to train your cat away from your favorite sofa arm
    • It’s extracted from the same incredibly potent catnip used inside our Catnip Mats and Catnip Kickers
    • It’s made with catnip essential oil, not the weak catnip extract found in lesser quality sprays
    • 100% Kitty Safe
    • Grown and extracted here in the USA by a fabulous small company we love

    I’m so happy I was able to source such a high quality catnip spray - now your cat’s freshly laundered Catnip Log or Catnip Kicker can be just as exciting as a brand new one!

    Janery Catnip Spray All Natural Essential Oil

    Here’s our new all-natural Catnip Spray, and our Kitty Safe Stalkless Catnip Refill tubs. And if your feline has a Fido best friend, might we suggest our all-natural, gourmet dog treats?

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