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Janery is luxury pet bed company inspired by my incontinent rescue dog and my passion for interior design. When Charlie came into my life, she loved having a soft place to land, but I didn’t love the drab style of most dog beds.

The bigger problem: When Charlie had an accident on them, her beds were toast. Appalled by the wastefulness, I decided to design a resilient, waterproof dog bed pretty enough to place in any room.

I created each of our pet beds to include everything that I felt was missing from all of the “best pet beds” on the market.   Every feature has been thoughtfully researched and tested, so you know exactly what you are getting. From our ridiculously chic, plush dog beds to our irresistible oversized cat toys, we use patterns with personality, fabrics with durable finishes, and cushions with unfailing comfort.     

Driven by a commitment to fair labor and American jobs, I’ve partnered with ethical factories in places like Detroit, MI to create our most popular pet beds.  I continue to do all the pattern development and testing from my workshop in Vienna, VA - the place where it all began.

What began as a small part-time business has grown - thanks, in part, to people like you.  We've been featured in O the Oprah Magazine, Washingtonian, Better Homes + Gardens, Southern Living, Modern Dog, and more.

While Charlie and Merlin, the original dogs of Janery, have passed over the rainbow bridge, they’ve left a lasting legacy in my heart - and my home.  Our family’s adopted poodle, Amber, and our senior scaredy-cat, Aretha, both enjoy the dog beds inspired by their predecessors.

Here’s to making the world a softer place to land.  

Janery Luxury Waterproof Dog Beds Ethically Made in the USA Company Philosophy


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