About Janery

Janery About Page I formed Janery Because I believe pets

At Janery, we believe:

  • That form and function are not mutually exclusive--and neither are species and family.
  • In creating spaces where cushions, and the people and pets who use them, feel like they belong.
  • In using American-made materials that stand the test of time and style.
  • In loving forward and giving back to animal rescue and homeless outreach.

    Inspired by an incontinent rescue dog and designed by her grateful human, Janery is a company of uncompromising care. From our ridiculously chic dog beds to our irresistible oversized cat toys, we use patterns with personality, fabrics with durable finishes, and cushions with unfailing comfort.  

    All of our products are designed with comfort and style in mind, and created with time-tested, American-made materials and reinforced sewing methods.  Janery's designer pet beds offer clean lines and clean slates; they are as easy on the eyes as they are to remove, wash, and use for years.

    Janery About Page Inspired by beloved rescue dogs incontinent 700x250px

    Driven by my passion for interior design, I wanted to create a better pet bed: one that was both ridiculously chic and waterproof.  In the process, I was committed to avoiding overseas sweatshop labor and using American-made materials whenever possible.

    I quickly grew frustrated as each dog bed was ruined by Charlie’s accidents.  If I washed the soiled cushion, the filling became lumpy and uneven, leaving Charlie sleeping on bare spots.  I was tired of buying new drab dog beds every few months.

    This attempt to make a high-style, low-maintenance dog bed for my own four-legged family became Janery.  After the birth of my daughter in 2015, Janery became my full-time job.

    Janery's pet beds are still ethically made at home in the USA

    What began as a handmade business has grown - thanks, in part, to people like you.  We've been featured in the Oprah Magazine, Better Homes + Gardens, Southern Living, and more

    In 2017 I intentionally partnered with ethical factories that are creating skilled labor jobs in areas like Detroit, MI.  This doesn’t mean I’m more hands-off. I’ve just brought more hands in. And that means big things for Janery, for working families here at home, and for you.

    Here’s to keeping the style in our living rooms, and the fur off our black pants. :)

    If you’ve made it this far, I invite you to open the door to the Janery VIP Club - your key to private sales and bi-monthly letters from me. I promise, it’s never boring.  Join the Janery VIP Club right here.


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