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The Charlie Cushion: How The Best Dog Bed Got Its Name

The Charlie Cushion: How The Best Dog Bed Got Its Name

You could say it takes a certain kind of person to adopt a malnourished, incontinent, mistreated street dog. I would say it takes a certain kind of dog to inspire a human to create a washable, waterproof dog bed that lives up to real life.

That dog was Charlie.                                                    

I found Charlie on the streets of Richmond, a Rottweiler-Bully-Heinz57 mix full of tender sweetness and almost no hair. At the time, I was working as a vet tech a local hospital, and I marveled at how this emaciated, survival-savvy dog obediently stood for a shower she obviously hated. That was the remarkable thing about Charlie. She came to the table with so much healing to do from bullet wounds, an eye removal, incontinence, and more (it’s actually pretty heartbreaking to list them all). Where it counted, though--her happy, stoic, affectionate heart--she was a picture of health.

Janery Charlie The Dog Inspired the Best Luxury Dog Bed

It was that combination of her incontinence and love that drove me to test just about every kind of dog bed I could find. Cheap ones. Fancy ones. Ugly ones. Pretty ones. No matter how much money or time I spent or how careful I was, the result was frustratingly the same: once Charlie had an accident on them, the beds were toast. Each time I was appalled--surely there was someone out there who made a washable, waterproof, odor-resistant, and sophisticated dog bed.

Turns out there was. I just hadn’t designed it yet.

I created the Charlie Cushion out of everything that I felt was missing from all of the “best dog beds” on the market. Every feature has been thoughtfully researched and tested, so you know exactly what you are getting (and how much you’ll love it).

The best dog beds are washable.

You could throw away cheap dog beds every time they are ruined by accidents and odors, could save time and energy by investing in a Charlie Cushion that is easy to wash, dry, and put back together. And the benefits of washable dog beds go beyond cost savings. Pets keep their favorite perch. Humans live fabulously funk-free. Landfills get more breathing room. The rest comes out in the rinse cycle.

The best dog beds have waterproof liners.

My stylish dog bed covers may be what catch your eye, but I’ll tell you the interior waterproof liner is what’s truly beautiful. Anyone who has ever tried to cram a dog bed cushion in their washer knows how frustrating it is--even if the rare cushion manages to avoid lumps and bare spots, it still holds on to that residual funk. Our easy-to-wash liners make sure accidents, mud, and odors never make it to the insert, so it never has a chance to harbor all of those odors that “smell like dog.” Plus, our premium waterproof dog bed liners can withstand up to 300 washes--that’s 25 years if you wash them once a month--and never miss a beat.

Janery Waterproof Luxury Dog Bed Water Example

The best dog beds hold up to real life.

My Charlie had a soft spot for soft spots, and my thick, cozy cushion inserts are channel-sewn to keep the filling from separating and bunching. No bare spots. No lumps. Just clean, crisp lines and happy, happy dogs. When the waterproof liners do all the hard work, all the cushion has to do is provide the soft place to land.

The best dog beds are made with love (and ethical, American manufacturing).

At Janery, we believe that the best products for the home are made here at home. Yes, ethical, American manufacturing is more expensive, but you can’t put a price on humane working conditions. To us, it’s worth it to know that every person who touches our products is paid a fair wage and works in clean, safe working conditions. When you order a Charlie Cushion, you aren’t just investing in one of the best dog beds on the market. You’re investing in people, families, and futures. And that means your dog isn’t the only one sleeping better at night.

The best dog beds give great support.

When I set out to make the best dog beds on the planet, I knew I had an opportunity--and a corporate responsibility--to directly support the animal rescue organizations that help amazing animals find loving homes. Enter Cozy for a Cause, where Janery gives 5% of every purchase to the Richmond Animal League.

Charlie Cushion Luxury Waterproof Dog Bed as seen in Oprah Magazine

The best dog beds fit right in.

Anyone who says fabulous fabrics in the hottest hues can’t pull a family together hasn’t had a Charlie Cushion in their living room. Great style feels like it belongs, which is why I work so hard to create dog beds and pet accessories that fit right into the mix. Your dog may not be able to appreciate the vibrant colors or the upholstery-grade, washable canvas, but I know you will.

Find out which fabrics feel most at home: order your free fabric swatches here.

The Charlie Cushion: Everything you ever wanted in a dog bed, inspired by everything I ever wanted in a dog.

Charlie Cushions pass the test of real life and are a testament to real love. I eventually lost my sweet girl to cancer, but I’m proud to say her spirit lives on in the products that bear her name. So, here’s to the best dogs and the best dog beds. May they always find each other and a way home.

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