Notes From the Janery Studio

Behind the Scenes

  • What's Different at Janery During the Pandemic?

    How are you doing right now?  Things are not easy for anyone!   I hope that you are enjoying good cuddles with your four-legged friends during this overwhelming time of uncertainty, and getting breaths of fresh air whenever possible. Focusing on a feeling of gratefulness is my current coping mech... View Post
  • What Is Ethical Manufacturing and Why Should I Care?

    Find out why ethical manufacturing is good for business—and for you. From the first day I opened Janery’s virtual doors, I was committed to creating sophisticated pet beds with an unapologetic commitment to quality. Some of this quality you can see and feel—the double-stitched seams, the deep-dy... View Post
  • Scrap Happy: 3 Chic Ways Janery Eliminates Fabric Waste

    From the day I first imagined Janery’s existence, I knew I wouldn’t compromise:  I’d hire factories employing ethical manufacturing practices, paying living wages, and providing manufacturing jobs, right here at home in the USA. It hasn’t always been the easiest commitment, and certainly not the ... View Post

Hi, I’m Jane Pearson!

I'm the founder and designer behind Janery.  Janery’s pet beds were inspired by my years as a pet foster mom, veterinary hospital manager, and interior design enthusiast.  I’m obsessed with interior design, ethical manufacturing, and artisan products that are made to last. When I’m not running Janery,  you’ll find me exploring the outdoors with my kids and dog, or in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. Thanks for stopping by!