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What's Different at Janery During the Pandemic?

What's Different at Janery During the Pandemic?

How are you doing right now?  Things are not easy for anyone!   I hope that you are enjoying good cuddles with your four-legged friends during this overwhelming time of uncertainty, and getting breaths of fresh air whenever possible. 

Focusing on a feeling of gratefulness is my current coping mechanism.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Janery is online only, which has less risk than owning brick and mortar stores.  As for my family, we are located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, so we can enjoy being outside during this time of social distancing.  

Here's what's going on right now:  

1.  I’m pausing new product development to prioritize face masks. 

I just finalized a new cat bed design, but have decided to pause production and photography so I can produce cloth face masks for the hospitals and senior care facilities that are actively soliciting them. 

It took me a while to come to this decision - because the scientific studies show that they aren’t as effective as N95 masks.  However, if it’s dire enough that hospitals are actively requesting them, then it means it’s time for me to chip in and do my part.  I’ve spent hours researching the best materials and patterns, so that I can tackle this project with integrity. 

2.  I'd like to spread more joy, market less:

Instagram and Facebook are important marketing tools for small businesses like mine.  And while I need to keep Janery going so that we can bounce back after this crisis, I don’t feel good about constantly marketing at a time like this.  I’ve decided to work on my pet photography skills, and I’ll be sharing more cute animal photos and focusing less on product promotion for now.  But I can assure you that we are still shipping if you need a pet bed.

Again, I think that thankfulness is the key to surviving this crisis in the best possible state of mind.  Katie Clemons, a celebrated journal author, has some fantastic gratitude resources for families of all ages.  

Until next time - try to get some fresh air, take some deep breaths, and hold those kiddos (pet or human) close!