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The Waterproof Crate Bed Dog Owners Are Raving About

The Waterproof Crate Bed Dog Owners Are Raving About

Go-anywhere comfort meets effortless washability. This lightweight crate bed goes the extra mile — in style. 

Traditional crate beds never stay in place. They stink, they slide, and their paper-thin cushion leaves your sweet pup entirely unsupported. They’re not made to stand the test of time — or a washing machine. 

The Waterproof Dog Lounger dares to do more. A lot more!

It’s a totally versatile, oh-so-fabulous dog bed that cushions your crate, car, porch, or wherever your pup needs a soft place to land. This bed goes wherever you and your dog do— and looks great doing it. 

I designed the Waterproof Dog Lounger to be the last crate bed you’ll ever buy—and for good reason. Here’s why!

Every dog crate bed should be made for real life (and real style).

The Waterproof Dog Lounger is made for real life and all its messes. The mud, the accidents, the drooling naps— fear not! Your chic cushion cover was born for this moment. 

And when it’s time for a refresh, the hidden (chew-resistant) zipper allows for a quick whip-off-and-wash. Gentle detergent + cool water + a bit of dry time on the clothesline = a bed as fresh as the day you unboxed it. 

Janery Waterproof Dog Lounger Washable Wipeable Tough Waterproof Liner

The waterproof crate bed liner does what it says— and then some! 

While the dog lounger’s resilient (and fabulous) canvas offers the first line of defense for your pup’s new favorite cushion, it’s the waterproof liner that really does the heavy lifting. 

Yes, this built-in dog bed liner is actually waterproof.

Not water “resistant” or water “repelling;” it truly stops the seep. And it wipes right off with a washcloth and gentle cleaner. (If only all life’s messes were this easy to clean!)

This tough liner also blocks the pollen, dust, mites, and mildew that tend to target your pet beds cushions. Because when durability meets design, absolutely beautiful things happen. 

A soft crate bed with orthopedic form? Yes, paw-lease. 

Janery Dog Crate Bed The Waterproof Dog Lounger

The Waterproof Dog Lounger’s CertiPUR-US® foam isn’t your average crate "pad" - it's much more:

  • Two inches of this orthopedic, oh-so-supportive foam maintain the alignment of your dog’s spine, no matter their nap style.
  • The foam is so robust and sturdy, it will hold its bounce-back shape for 5+ years. 
  • CertiPUR-US® is made without nasty formaldehyde, heavy metals, or ozone depletors. It’s good for the planet and for your pup. 
  • A slim, low-profile style (plus the skid-proof bottom) makes this bed the ideal rest stop for arthritic and older dogs. 

The Waterproof Dog Lounger is a sophisticated dog crate bed that goes where you do.

Janery Waterproof Lounger

Janery's Waterproof Dog Lounger works indoors and out - shown here in Night Tropics.  Shop Now

So you know this fabric is tough-on-odors and easy on the eyes. But did I mention this go-anywhere crate bed comes in a whole palette of fabulous indoor and outdoor fabrics?

Our luxurious cotton canvas cloaks the low-profile lounger in style that harmonizes with your home— from the living room to the backyard. Got a homebody who’s happiest indoors? Choose a resilient indoor fabric. Got a porch-loving pup? Choose a durable designer outdoor fabric for the ultimate odor, dust, sun, mold, and water resistance. From sunny days to sleepy nights— this bed is ready to face it all.

Finally, every crate pad purchase supports pets, people, and the planet.

When you choose to shop Janery, you’re supporting a small business here in Virginia and a growing team of independent local sewists. Plus, a portion of every single sale goes towards pet rescue. 

This product is my answer to the everyday, run-of-the-mill crate pads that will fall apart in the wash, cost you more money to replace, and take up space in a landfill somewhere. 

I designed the Waterproof Dog Lounger to be the most planet-friendly and pet-pleasing crate pad on the market. Because I know if endurance, elegance, and sustainability are important to me, these things matter to other pet parents too. 

With the Waterproof Dog Lounger’s ethical manufacturing and sustainably sourced materials, you can feel good about caring for your pet and creating a home you love to live in.  

Janery Waterproof Lounger

“I give the Waterproof Dog Lounger two paws up and a hearty tail wag!”

-Dog bed product tester


Dogs love the softness. Their people love the style. Find your perfect fit here

It’s a classy crate bed with on-the-go convenience. In the car, in the yard, or right in the middle of your sophisticated living room, the Waterproof Dog Lounger brings lived-in luxury to a room (and a pup) near you. 

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