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Design Spotlight: Timeless, Classic Style in a Dog-Friendly Home

Design Spotlight: Timeless, Classic Style in a Dog-Friendly Home

Jeannine and I met years ago when we were both blogging about decorating small homes and apartments.  Today Jeannine is busy styling both weddings and homes with her boutique embroidery and monogram business, BeLoved Thread, but she continues to apply her eye for timeless, elegant style as she carefully renovates and decorates a new home.  

BeLoved Thread Bespoke Monogram Wedding Styling Photo by Jen Fariello

Custom wedding monogram by Jeannine of BeLoved Thread. Photo: Jen Fariello

Her love for animals is evident in the art she works into the design of many rooms, whether it’s a John Matthew Moore painting of a cow or a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams “Black Sheep” sculpture.


Jeannine has tastefully mixed tones of cream, blush, and blue in her formal living room.  She needed a luxurious dog bed to help Jack, her handsome Golden Retriever, feel at home in the space - without sacrificing her style.  

Our Morganite Charlie Cushion, part of the Gemstone Collection, paired perfectly with Jeannine’s classic blue sofa, timeless pottery and a neutral sisal rug that grounds the space.


Jeannine was kind enough to tell us more about Jack’s story, and share tips for decorating with pets below:

How old is Jack, and what was the inspiration for Jack’s name?

Jack, who turned 3 on April 11th, was named after the late Dean of Admission at University of Virginia, Jack Blackburn. Jack hired me in 2005 and didn't object when I incorporated my first dog into my social media work for the Office of Admission. After years of having a dog with two names (Baxter at home and CavDog on the UVA Grounds), I decided to simplify with our second dog.

How did Jack join your family?

Baxter was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and had his spleen removed in the summer of 2015. Though he recovered physically from the surgery, he wasn't returning to his happy, playful self and someone suggested that we get him a puppy. We searched websites and Facebook groups for a young friend for Baxter and found Jack, who had been returned to a breeder by his first owner. Baxter ignored Jack at first, but he was back to running and playing within a few days.

What are some of Jack's funniest habits?

  1. Jack earned his nickname, Doodlebug or Bug, because he often flips over on his back and curls up into a ball when playing. Sometimes he'll add a Thumper-style kick at the end of the curl-up motion.
  2. Jack's also obsessed with sticks. If he can carry a stick around, he's a happy boy.
  3. He LOVES the UVA students who visit my office. I'm pretty sure he knows the names of his favorites - Carolina, Win, and Gillian.
  4. When he fetches, he does a complete flip in the air at the start of his run. I have a friend whose dog does this and we recently realized that our dogs are half-brothers!


What’s Jack’s sleeping style? Is he a curler-upper, a stretcher-outer, or a flop-down-anywhere sort of pet?

Jack either sleeps curled up in a circle or in "timber" position, which is when a dog looks like they were tipped over while standing.

What kind of treats does Jack go crazy for?

Jack's motto is "if it fits in my mouth, it's food!" His favorite treats: banana, peanut butter, cream cheese, and any animal parts he gives him (duck feet, turkey necks, etc). When it comes to store-bought treats, he likes Zuke’s and Old Mother Hubbard bones.

How has Jack changed your life/your family’s life for the better?

Jack is a goofy dog who always has us laughing. It's great to have a family member like that in your life! Having him was especially helpful when Baxter died. We were devastated, but coming home to a sweet puppy was so good for us.

What has been your biggest challenge with Jack?

We lived in the city when we got our first dog and his manners were excellent because of his daily interactions with different situations, people, and dogs. We moved to a residential neighborhood before we got Jack, so working on his manners while on a leash had been a challenge.

He's so friendly and happy that he wants to meet every person and animal he sees while on his walks, so he zig-zags all over the sidewalk. Now that he's three he's starting the calm down a little bit.

If you could give prospective or new pet owners one piece of advice, what would it be?

Read books or watch Youtube videos about positive reinforcement (sometimes called Nothing in Life is Free or NILIF) and stash treats in every pocket.

And Jeannine’s top tip for living stylishly with your pets?

You can have nice things in your home as long as you give your pup a few comfy spots and teach them some rules.

Jack has a bed on each floor of the house, so no matter where we are, he has his own, special spot to rest. We make Jack go to his Charlie Cushion for "jackpot" treats. If you hold a Kong and say "where do you go?" he'll trot to his bed, constantly looking back to make sure you are following him. Good things happen when he is on his bed, so furniture doesn't really tempt him.

When it comes to furniture, we trained Jack to wait for an invitation before getting on two specific pieces of furniture, a leather sofa by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams (they love pets!) and our bed. It took several days of firmly saying "off" when he tried to help himself to the sofa as a puppy. He now knows that an invitation only comes after a calm sit and that he has to wait for a blanket to go on that sofa before he can hop up on it. Jack is a silly, goofy dog, but he still understands the rules.

Great style feels like it belongs, and dog beds are no exception. Jack may not be able to appreciate how his Charlie Cushion matches the Shell Pink walls, but I know Jeannine does. She and Jack prove that good style and good “boys” don’t have to live in different houses.

Jeannine @ The Small Chic Home
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Jack, a handsome Golden Retriever, is pictured here on a large Morganite Charlie Cushion from Janery's Gemstone Collection. Use our Size Guide to find the best bed for your pet.

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