Cats (& Their People) Can’t Resist This Bolster Cat Bed. Here’s Why.

I can’t be the only cat owner who has walked in on their cat, happily curled up in a cardboard box that was destined for the door.

What is it about boxes that cats find so appealing?

Is it the flimsy edges?  The allure of the beige?

The first-and-forever flattening of the corrugated fibers?

The shreds of cardboard confetti they’re happy to leave around your house?

While I can’t say that I understand what makes box lids so great, I can create a better box lid.

One that’s more thoughtfully curated than recycling-bin-chic. One that will have cats ignoring your latest cardboard box and darting for their designer spot on the couch.

Introducing The Catnip Cuddler: an irresistible bolster cat bed packed with style.  And catnip.

Janery Catnip Cuddler Luxe Cat Bolster Bed with sides in Rifle Paper Co Fabric

This cat-and-crowd-pleasing cat bed with sides marries your cat’s cozy cravings with your sophisticated style (because most of us don’t have “cardboard” on our color wheels). If you’re trying to get your cats to think “outside the box,” keep reading.

The best bolster cat bed starts with generous stuffing . . .

. . . which is why I focused on designing a plush bottom cushion and sturdy stuffed side bolsters. They’re what make the Catnip Cuddler the perfect throne for your posh purrer. Its high, hugging sides give even the most cautious kitties a sense of security while they snooze. Take it from me (and my kitties), the Catnip Cuddler rivals even the best curl-up spot in your living room. 

That’s right: You may just be able to reclaim your spot on the couch.

 Janery Catnip Cuddler Reclaim Your Couch

Double-duty and durable fabric has you covered

Everything we make at Janery is about clean, effortless style—and the Catnip Cuddler is no exception. Its minky base and chic upholstery fabric sides make cleaning your Catnip Cuddler a breeze.

  • For fur control, I reach for a lint roller or rubber glove to pull the hair right off the quick-release fabric (it’s actually really satisfying)
  • For hairball messes, simply flip the bolster sides wrong-side out (to expose those inner creases) and toss the whole bed into the wash. Tumble dry low, and then turn the sides back in to put back into action. Don’t forget to refill the catnip!

And speaking of catnip…

Every Catnip Cuddler comes pre-loaded with irresistible organic catnip leaf nestled right inside the bed.

And this isn’t just any old catnip. It’s freshly grown and air-dried on a family farm right here in the USA. Before it’s packaged, they even sift through the catnip to remove any stems or sharp bits that could poke your cat’s mouth.

Customers have told me that even cats that have never cared about catnip before love this catnip. It’s just that good.

And you know what makes it even better? The Catnip Cuddler is designed to be refilled and refreshed with that sought after scent. This means your cats won’t just love this bed once—they’ll want to sit on it again and again.

Janery Catnip Cuddler Refillable Catnip Cat Bed with Sides

Which basically means…

You now have a luxury cat bed with sides that has

  • The structure of the much-loved box
  • The allure of an intoxicating scent
  • The ability to (finally) get cats to do what we want. And look great doing it. 

With a fabulous Catnip Cuddler perfectly positioned in a warm afternoon sunbeam, your cats will be living their best nine lives—and so will you!

My goal is that this fabulous cat bed is the last bed you’ll ever need to buy. Unless you want a cuddler for every room. And in every chic pattern. And one for each of your cat-loving friends ;)

(I knew you were my people.)

If you’re looking for one-hit-wonder beds, keep looking. But for better pet products, ethically stitched with love and made from sophisticated fabrics, start shopping.

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