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Janery's Charlie Cushion: As seen in Washingtonian Magazine

Janery's Charlie Cushion: As seen in Washingtonian Magazine

Janery's Charlie Cushion was spotted in the February issue of Washingtonian magazine!  Can you see the excited grin on my face?

Here’s what makes it a super-proud-business-mama moment for me: I never once have pitched my products to publications.

Each time, I’ve had the joy of answering the phone or opening an email to discover that a magazine would love to feature one of Janery’s pet beds. It’s a pretty amazing feeling for me, as the creator of this small business. It's right up there with rescuing a charismatic puppy and waking up after a full night of uninterrupted sleep (new parents and new pet owners know what I’m talking about).

I did have to laugh a little at idea that my waterproof dog bed ended up on the “Splurge” side of things, though. It is more expensive than beds you’ll find in a big box store, that’s true - but it is So. Much. Better. Just because it's highly stylish and ethically manufactured (and resilient, waterproof and washable), doesn’t make it extravagant. It just makes it worth it.

And wouldn’t it be great if all products were worth it?

Janery's Waterproof Dog Bed was featured in Washingtonian Magazine

 For the record, the world “splurge” never fails to make me grin. And now I have two reasons to smile when I think of it.

To celebrate our special mention, I’d like to offer you a special treat. 

With each purchase of a Merlin Mat for the remainder of the month, you will get a free box of our all-natural dog treats! (Tell me which flavor in the notes or I’ll just send you my favorite). If you have travel crates, more than one animal, or just love the idea of a waterproof protective surface, now is your time to stock up! (Or, should I say. . . splurge? ;)