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Avoid Cat-astrophe, Stock Up on Our New Catnip Spray!

Avoid Cat-astrophe, Stock Up on Our New Catnip Spray!

What’s just as exciting as brand new Catnip Mat?  A freshly washed Catnip Mat stuffed with a fresh new scoop of our our organic, American-grown Catnip Leaf - thanks to our handy refill tubs that we added last year.  They’ve been quite popular with both the Janery Feline Intern and your kitties alike!

Janery Catnip Spray and Toy Rejuvenator

As with everything we do here at Janery, we start with our own pets and strive to find the best high-quality treats, made or grown right here in the USA. Why? Because we know you want your pets to be happy and safe, and this is the best way we know how to help you with that.

Recently, we began selling our all-natural, human-grade dog treats and that meant we wanted to add something special for our catstomers too - something to give a little more life to those old catnip toys you might have hanging around.

Welcome to Janery: From the Field Catnip Spray and Toy Rejuvenator

Janery All Natural Catnip Essential Oil Rejuvenator Spray

What makes this brand of kitty safe catnip spray so fabulous?

  • You can refresh boring old cat toys with a spray or two
  • Safe to spray catnip on any bed you want your cat to use (including our Catnip Mat)
  • Easily spray on scratching posts and toys to train your cat away from your favorite sofa arm
  • It’s extracted from the same incredibly potent catnip used inside our Catnip Mats and Catnip Kickers
  • It’s made with catnip essential oil, not the weak catnip extract found in lesser quality sprays
  • 100% Kitty Safe
  • Grown and extracted here in the USA by a fabulous small company we love

I’m so happy I was able to source such a high quality catnip spray - now your cat’s freshly laundered Catnip Log or Catnip Kicker can be just as exciting as a brand new one!

Janery Catnip Spray All Natural Essential Oil

Here’s our new all-natural Catnip Spray, and our Kitty Safe Stalkless Catnip Refill tubs. And if your feline has a Fido best friend, might we suggest our all-natural, gourmet dog treats?


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