• Aromatherapy Eye Pillow l Rainbow Swirl

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow l Rainbow Swirl

  • $22.00

    Let the sweet aroma of warm lavender lull you into the ultimate state of ahhhhh

    The soft cotton fabric, contoured for your comfort, holds organic rice and a generous tablespoon of dried lavender buds against your tired eyes and facial sinuses. Lean back and relax as this gently weighted eye pillow soothes your sinuses and melts away the stress of your day. 

    What’s not to love about this simple indulgence?

    • Chic 100% cotton or cotton flannel fabric
    • Just the right amount of heat-holding organic rice
    • A generous spoonful of organic dried lavender buds (optional)
    • Enjoy warm with a one-minute spin in the microwave, or cool right out of the freezer

    Not in love with lavender?

    Select the lavender-free option above! Each pillow is filled to order, and we’re happy to leave it out for those with sensitive noses.

    The Aromatherapy Eye Pillow is as supporting as it is soothing:

    A full 50% of every eye pillow purchase goes to support Janery’s newest sewing assistant— a recent Afghan refugee with a husband and three little ones at home. This family lost everything but love, and this product is helping them rebuild from their backpacks, up.  

    Thank you for choosing Janery and supporting our mission to create a happier world for pets and people.

  • Customer Reviews

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    Frances Conwell
    Perfect comfort eye pillow.

    This is one of two I purchased & this one is for me. I love the light lavender scent that soothes along with the heat. It’s just the thing to bring comfort for a headache. The fabric & print are beautiful.