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Premium Waterproof Dog Bed Protector

  • $30.00

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  • Say goodbye to accidents and odors that ruin your otherwise fabulous pet bed.

    Is your puppy a bit excitable? Or perhaps your aging dog just doesn't have the bladder control he used to.

    Accidents and life's messes soak through your dog bed covers, straight into the cushions. And attempting to wash a dog bed cushion leaves it lumpy, bumpy, and full of bare spots - if it even survives the wash.

    But an unwashed, unprotected dog bed cushion collects dirt, odors, and allergens - causing that lingering "dog" smell in your house.

    You (and your best friend) no longer have to settle for a stinky house or a lumpy, bumpy bed!

    Our premium waterproof dog bed liner protects your pet's favorite dog bed from messes, odors, and allergens. It's tougher than you can imagine, cloaking your dog bed in quiet, waterproof protection while blocking accidents and sneeze-inducing dust mites. Small messes can be sprayed and wiped down with a cloth. For deodorizing, simply unzip the liner, remove the cushion, and toss the liner in the wash as often as needed.

    This waterproof liner is made to be used under a decorative dog bed cover. The waterproof fabric is tough, but it isn't meant to be directly scratched and dug at by nesting puppy paws.

    • 4 Sizes Available:

      (Find the perfect fit with our size guide.)

      • Medium: 28 x 22 x 5
      • Large: 34 x 26 x 5
      • X-Large: 40 x 30 x 5
      • Huge: 45 x 35 x 5

      Waterproof Liner Features:
      • The dog bed cover is actually waterproof, not water-resistant
      • Created with eco-friendly, American-made waterproof fabric that can withstand over 300 washes
      • Spray & wipe clean, or unzip to machine wash and dry
    • Your dog won’t be the only one sleeping well at night:

      Our commitment to ethical manufacturing means you’re investing in people, families, and futures.