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Catnip Log | Watercolor Collection

  • $14.00

Your cat will love this oversized catnip toy!

It’s 10” long and firmly stuffed with “kitty-safe” catnip leaf and polyester filling, so your cat can really play, grabbing it and kicking at the same time.

Our catnip leaf is naturally grown and harvested in the USA, then air dried shipped to us while it’s still nice and fresh. Unlike many catnips on the market, ours is stem-free, so there’s no risk that spiky stems will hurt your cat’s mouth as he’s attacking it. Most cats find it irresistible, too - cats who usually ignore catnip go crazy for our toys.

The best part: You choose the color, and we'll surprise you with a pattern in the color of your choice. You get a toy your cat is sure to love, while we prevent fabric from wasting away in landfills.

Double the Fun - and Save:

Buy any 2 cat toys and save 16% ! Choose from Catnip Logs, Catnip Kickers, or Catnip Jinglers.  The discount will automatically pounce into your cart.

PS: They're washable! If your Catnip Log gets grungy, it will wash up beautifully.  Use our signature Catnip Essential Oil Spray to refresh your cat's favorite toys after a wash!

Catnip Log Features:

  • Approximately 10" long
  • Catnip leaf is freshly grown and air dried in the Pacific Northwest
  • No spiky catnip stems
  • Polyester filling adds stability

All products are handmade in the USA using American-made materials that stand the test of time and style.

Your pets won’t be the only ones sleeping well at night: 

Our commitment to ethical manufacturing means you’re investing in people, families, and futures.

And with 5% of profits donated directly to farm animal rescue, we're helping to make this world a softer place to land for 4-legged friends.