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Catnip Mat | Rifle Paper Peacock Garden

  • $59.00

Meet the Catnip Mat - a chic, refillable, addictive spot cats can’t wait to claim as their own (just like everything else in your house).

This isn’t your grandma’s cat bed. Thanks to its designer fabric construction - and a unique opening for catnip refills - it complements your decor while keeping your cat blissfully snoozing in the same, washable spot.

  • This washable, padded mat is as chic as your favorite throw pillow 
  • Arrives pre-loaded with irresistibly fresh catnip leaf (no spiky stems)
  • Features a hidden opening for easy catnip refills

Hairball? No problem:

Toss the whole bed in the wash, refill with some of our fresh catnip leaf and your cat can get back to the important work of napping in less than 60 minutes.

The Catnip Mat measures approximately 24” x 18”

Its sturdy but flexible design lets it nestle comfortably into cat carries of many sizes. 

This cat bed is built for tough love, but likes to take it easy in the wash. 

To De-Fur:

Removing fur couldn't be easier.  Simply slip on a rubber cleaning glove and run your hand over the fabric.  Watch in awe as the fur magically balls up for removal!

To Wash:
  • Machine wash cold with gentle, unscented detergent (cats are very sensitive to fragrances)
  • Do not use bleach or homemade soaps
  • Hang dry, or tumble dry low
  • Add additional catnip through the opening on the side
Need more catnip?

Get your paws on a refill tub here.

Your cat won’t be the only one sleeping well at night:  Our commitment to ethical manufacturing means you’re investing in people, families, and futures.

I put the mat in my cat’s favorite chair (leather with lots of scratches) and she curled up on it immediately and has loved it ever since! Love the fun fabric pattern and excellent quality and workmanship!

- Carrie

this particular cat bed is so lovely it makes me sigh. It's plush and soft, and the print goes beautifully with my decor. Plus my cat likes it!

- Charlie

I had barely set it on one of our coveted new velvet chairs before both cats hopped up and started rubbing all over it. The goal was to protect these chairs (that we ALL seem to love) and this mat is absolutely perfect. It’s stylish, but doesn’t overpower the decor.

- Amy