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The Pounce Pack | Cat Lady Surprise!

  • $16.00

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Whether you’re shopping for your cat or a friend’s, let the catnip craze begin!

After-breakfast zoomies and late-night scampers are more fun when you’ve got two tougher-than-a-tomcat toys to bat, kick, chew, and chase!

***This Pounce Pack will contain a surprise combination of toys, but will include at least one purple/pink cat print as shown in each photo below.

Every Pounce Pack comes with these purrrfect play essentials:

  • The durable Catnip Log. 10” long and made for play, this polyester and catnip-stuffed kickable toy stands ready for a kitty ambush
  • A pretty-and-petite Catnip Jingler. Designer canvas remnants and minky tail fabric come together to make the most chaseable jingle toy in the Janery line.
  • Rejuvenating Catnip Spray. A single spritz of this high-quality catnip oil gives old kitty toys new life. Works like a charm on cat beds and scratching posts, too!

And these kitty toys aren’t just sweet— they’re scrappy:

Every catnip toy is stitched and stuffed with stylish remnants from our pet bed production. From their durable designer canvas coverings to the pounceable polyester filling, these toys are fun and eco-friendly. 

Who says helping the planet can’t be playful?? 

Catnip Jingler:

  • Between 4" - 5" long, including the minky "jingle" tail
  • Contains pounce-proof stuffing , irresistible Janery catnip, & a jingle that’s easy on the ears
  • Irresistible Janery catnip. Freshly grown & air dried in the USA, our signature catnip leaf won’t stab your cat’s mouth. No sharp stems!

Catnip Log:

  • About 10" long and almost 2" wide
  • Contains pounce-proof stuffing and generous helpings of stem-free catnip

Catnip Toy Rejuvenator Spray:

  • 1 oz glass spray bottle contains approximately 200 sprays
  • Only steam-distilled catnip essential oil and distilled water
  • Grown in the USA, harvested with care, in harmony with nature.