• Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection
  • Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection

Catnip Cuddler | Gemstone Collection

  • $68.00
  • The Catnip Cuddler: Finally, a bolster cat bed with style!

    Cats love to curl up in box lids, baskets of fresh laundry, and anything with sides. But messy box lids and other bolster cat beds don’t do your style justice.

    They feel disorganized and messy - and half the time your cat probably won’t even use the offending “beds”. Streamline your style and reclaim your home with a sophisticated cat bolster bed your feline friend will actually use.

    Meet the Catnip Cuddler - a cozy, addictive cat bed with panache.

    It’s more sophisticated, meticulously crafted, and definitely more enticing than any bolster cat bed you’ve seen before.

    The cushioned bolster hugs your cat, giving her a sense of security. Thanks to a unique hidden opening, you can wash off the hairballs, add new catnip leaf, and have your cat back on her throne, snoozing in style, in mere minutes.

    Need to remove fur in a hurry? Run a rubber glove over the bed to ball up and shed the cat hair.

    Heading to the (dreaded) vet, or hitting the road for adventure? Tuck the Catnip Cuddler into the carrier to bring the comforting feel of home on the road.

    The new Catnip Cuddler is a step up from our popular Catnip Mat. It’s constructed with the same washable upholstery fabrics, but the stuffed bolster sides offer all the cozy comfort of a box lid (without looking like you left your recycling on the sofa). 

  • Catnip Cuddler Features:

    • Easily releases pet hair when vacuumed or washed
    • Arrives pre-loaded with irresistibly fresh catnip leaf (no spiky stems)
    • A hidden opening allows for easy catnip refills
    • Has 3” tall cushioned bolster sides and a lightly padded base
    • Handmade in small batches in Virginia

    Size:  Generously sized at 14 x 19 inches, this bolster bed accommodates most cats as well as small dogs. 

    Curious how your cat measures up? Please refer to the weights noted on our photos with different models.

  • With 5% of your purchase going to the Richmond Animal League, your cat bed helps another cat find a loving forever home.  And our commitment to ethical manufacturing means you’re investing in people, families, and futures.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Dale Ingram
    Never received my order

    I ordered a new Cuddler for a kitten we were getting. Our older cat loves his Cuddler, so we wanted our new kitty to have one as well. I placed my order on the 16th with plenty of time to get the Cuddler before we got the new kitty, and received an email notification that my order had shipped on the 18th. Unfortunately, only the shipping label had been created, but it never actually shipped. So I never got the Cuddler. I've tried emailing five times now, but all of my emails have gone ignored and unanswered. I've emailed every day this week, only to receive total radio silence from Janery. We ended up getting a cheap bed from Amazon for our new kitty. That one, we'll be giving five stars to, because we actually got it. I paid $150 for a Cuddler and a Mat, ($24 shipping!!!!) and I've got nothing to show for it. I've done everything I can to try to get ahold of Janery, so I have no idea what to do at this point.

    She loves it!

    My elderly cat is picky. I noticed her preferring the stiff cushions on the back of the couch, but wanted an option for her on the floor as well. This bed is perfect! She loved it immediately when it arrived. She’s only 6.6 pounds and there’s plenty of space for her to curl up or stretch out. Plus, it looks great in our living room. Highly recommend!

    One is not enough for 2 cats!

    Before I even brought the bed out of the box, one of my 2 cats hopped right in and made himself comfortable and ended up napping. Bed in the shipping box and tissue paper! Same thing happened once my other cat found it. Still in the shipping box she made herself comfy and napped longer than the first cat! Now they just swat at each other when they want their turn. Will definitely be ordering another!

    Waiting for this producr for a while!

    And it was so worth the wait! It was an instant hit: I unpacked the product and one of my two cats jumped on it, then my other cat wanted in so they fought over it... it was the reaction I knew I’d get from them. It is absolutely fabulous! Already got another one!

    Mary Vought

    Our cat has slept in her new bed every night since we've gotten it. The pink is very trendy and it looks great in our home.