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Cats Can't Resist These Snuggle-Worthy Cat Beds

Cats Can't Resist These Snuggle-Worthy Cat Beds

Janery's new Faux Fur Catnip Mats and toys take the "faux paws" out of cat beds, offering a luxurious, snuggle-worthy spot that you don't need to hide from guests.

We created this special collection just fur you, after you made it clear that your cats looooove a good fur-like bed.  It’s true, we’re total softies when it comes to customer requests. And while we were at it, we created coordinating faux fur Catnip Kickers. (Does your cat love 18” of furry fabulous fun?  You be the judge!)

This addition to our already fabulous line of luxury pet beds will stand the test of time and style. The most finicky feline princess (or prince) will be charmed by this plush, silky soft fabric (and the fresh, kitty-safe catnip inside). You’ll be charmed by how easily you can toss the bed in the wash to remove fur and hairballs, having it back on your couch in under an hour.

Janery Faux Fur Catnip Cuddlers, Cat Beds

Why should you allow yourself to be tempted?

  • Three timeless neutrals offer an option for every style: Silver, Black, and Cream
  • The plush fabric creates our thickest, most luxurious cat bed yet
  • Natural, freshly harvested catnip leaf is tucked inside to seduce your kitty even more
  • The machine washable design means any mess can be resolved quickly and easily
  • Our Catnip Mats are washable and refillable (this stalkless catnip is our fave)

Janery Catnip Cuddler Faux Fur Cat Snuggle Bed Refillable Callie

Go ahead, treat your cat like the prince (or princess) they’ve always known they are.  Your furniture will thank us - and so will your designer!

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