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Meet Finn, our latest #JaneryStyle star!

Meet Finn, our latest #JaneryStyle star!

Meet the adorable Finn, a #JaneryStyle photo contest winner who's been living the sweet beach life in Santa Monica after being adopted 5 from NKLA 5 years ago.

Congrats to Finn, our latest #JaneryStyle star, a 5 year old rescue pup who is living the sweet beach town life in Santa Monica, California with his dad, the artist behind For Pete's Sake.

Isn’t Finn dapper on his Merlin Mat? We can’t resist his sweet little face - he looks like he has quite the personality. To get to know him better, we asked Andy, Finn’s dad, to answer some fun interview questions on Finn's behalf. But first, here's a cute action shot of Scruffy Finn in action

How did Finn join your family?

I was at an NKLA adoption event at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. There were tons of dogs up for adoption…however Finn somewhat chose me. All the dogs were barking at the event at one point except for Finn. My parents were with me and my mother quickly pointed to Finn and said look at him.

I asked to see him out of his crate and he dove right out and rolled on his belly. Clearly asking for belly rubs. I couldn’t refuse. After rubbing his belly all these people suddenly became interested in the same dog. Thus, I quickly had to pounce on the opportunity to take this sweet dog home with me!! I didn’t even realize how adorable he was until I got him home. It all just happened so fast.

What was the inspiration for Finn’s name?

To be completely honest I thought of the dog name “Finn” prior to ever meeting my dog. Only in the shelter for a few days, he was given the name “Spark Plug”. Fortunately I already had the new name at hand.

What are some of Finn’s funniest habits?

Finn, as you already know loves his belly rubs. Thus he is notorious for running up to you and flopping over in search of the perfect belly rub.

What’s Finn’s sleeping style? Is he a curler-upper, a stretcher-outer, or a flop-down-anywhere sort of pet?

Lately Finn likes his space when it comes to sleeping… but he’s always sure to show some affection before falling asleep in a cozy private spot.

What kind of treats does Finn go crazy for?

Finn goes crazy for cheese, as soon as he hears that cheese drawer open he comes running.

How has Finn changed your life/your family’s life for the better?

Finn was loyal from the moment I took him home. I’m a freelance artist so he’s usually always by my side. He brings an absolute joy to any situation!

Do you have other pets or is Finn an only pup?

Finn recently got a brother “Pete” who is a Bengal cat and 1.5 yrs old. It’s pretty crazy how well they get along. Pete is very dog-like for a cat… clearly he looks up to his big brother Finn.

What has been your biggest challenge with Finn?

The biggest challenge with Finn is his separation anxiety. Despite knowing little backstory prior to adoption, something traumatic happened to Finn in his first 6 months. So he needs human presence to make him feel at ease.

If you could give prospective or new pet owners one piece of advice, what would it be?

One piece of advice I’d say is… don’t be afraid of taking your furry friend with you! They always love new people and places, and it’s good to expose them to different environments at an early age. Pets are great ice breakers too!

I couldn't agree more with that advice!  Thank you Andy (and Finn!)  Finn lives his best Instagram life at @scruffyfinn, along with his dad's @fxpxs (For Pete's Sake).

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