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Meet Thea, Our Latest #JaneryStyle star!

Meet Thea, Our Latest #JaneryStyle star!

Congrats to our latest #JaneryStyle ComPETition winner, Thea and her mom Taura.

Floof. #thea #manx #manxsohard #janerystyle @shopjanery

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Taura and her fabulous feline friends have participated in our #JaneryStyle ComPETition since the beginning. When I saw that had finally selected them as winners I was thrilled to let them know they were our latest winners!

Even better - Thea has a special story to go along with her rescue. From Taura:

I adopted her from Wayward Whiskers cat rescue in Greensburg,PA in October of 2017. Earlier that spring, Thea had shown up on the foster mom’s porch and had 4 kittens there! She had likely been dropped off, but she definitely had found the right place to get her and her little kittens a fresh start. Two of her kittens had tails, and 2 were Manx like she is. Sadly, the two Manx didn’t make it. Her kittens found homes, but due to her tummy troubles she was having a tough time finding a forever home. I had seen her on Facebook and immediately replied that whoever adopted her, I would have plenty of tips to help them with her Manx issues, having plenty of experience with Pixie. Took me about 45 minutes to cave and put in an adoption application for myself. She’s such a sweet girl and has settled in well. She loves to follow me everywhere I go and zoom around the house with Pixie!”

Janery has a special soft spot for rescue animals like Thea. All of our four legged Janery interns are rescues!

I am proud to present Taura with a gift certificate for one Sydney Hale candle - made right here in our home state of Virginia. We love Sydney Hale at our house because they get rid of that “well loved pet” smell and we love how committed they are to pet rescue. They donate a portion of their proceeds to pet rescues. How fabulous is that? You can see what else is included in our prize pack here.

Here are a few more fabulous furry friends from this round of entries:

head tilts? i got you covered 😎 - bed: @shopjanery

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I was so excited to see all of the #JaneryStyle submissions this go round, but I was especially pleased to see that the senior cats at the Richmond Animal League loved their Janery Christmas gift. Once I learned about what RAL is doing for these special, furry friends, I knew I wanted to spoil them a bit myself. If you're in the Richmond, Virginia area and looking for a new family member, definitely give them a look.

An important change for the 2018 #JaneryStyle ComPETition: As of this month, we are changing the program from bi-monthly to a quarterly prize. We will still be sharing our favorites regularly on the blog and in social media - you’ll just see a new winner every three months instead of every two.

Remember, you can share your #JaneryStyle anytime - even if you've had your Janery for months, or years even. Here's how to throw your leash in the ring for a chance to win a fetching quarterly #JaneryStyle prize package worth $86:

On Instagram:

  1. Post a pic of your pet enjoying a Janery product* on your Instagram account.
  2. Tag @shopjanery in the photo
  3. Use #JaneryStyle somewhere in the caption or comment so we know you're playing along!
  4. Follow @shopjanery on Instagram.
  5. Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time!
  6. Check to make sure your IG profile is set to public so we can see it!

On Facebook:

  1. Post a pic of your pet enjoying a Janery product* on Janery’s Facebook page.
  2. Tag @shopjanery in the post.
  3. Use #JaneryStyle in your post so we know you’re game.
  4. Follow @shopjanery on Facebook.
  5. Enter multiple times--just use a different photo each time!

*No, it doesn't have to be a pet bed! If your pet loves to pose with our throw pillows, that's cool too!

For full contest details click here.