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One Room Challenge Reveal: The Office

One Room Challenge Reveal: The Office

It’s the final day of the One Room Challenge, and I’m thrilled to be revealing two finished rooms here on the blog!

The Challenge is created by Calling It Home in conjunction with House Beautiful, and over six weeks many bloggers work to makeover a space (or two) in their home. It’s my first time participating and I’m so thankful I did. I needed something to motivate me to not just start, but complete the projects and this did the trick!

While I do link to my sources for items,nothing in my space was sponsored.  Photography is by Laura Metzler, who does all my product photography for Janery.

Janery One Room Challenge Black and White Office Reveal Paper Flower Bouquet / Nefertiti Print / Black Deco Dog Bed / Deco Diamonds Wall Stencil

Am I happy with my new office?  Yes, I think it is fabulous - with the exception of my white rug being too small - but I can change that easily. 

My goal was to create an elegant, art-deco inspired corner office nook to complement the larger makeover of our long basement rec room.  The makeover is happening in three phases:  Office, TV room, Playroom.  I also wanted to push my interior design skills and try new things, such as a bold black and white statement.

The wall stencil challenged me the most - read more here and here - but I do love the result. I spent hours touching up the stencil with tiny artist brushes, and could do more.  It makes my office fabulous, there’s no doubt about that.

Let's peek at what I had before.  The image on the left is what is now my office, and the image on the right is my old office corner:  

Janery Office Before One Room Challenge

What a world of difference!!!  This is honestly the best before and after I've ever done.

Janery Black and White Art Deco Office Stenciled Wall

In addition to stenciling I removed some bigger items, moved the Janery storage, and purged a lot of office clutter. Both my old office shelves and a random dresser stored a lot of office supplies, most of which I didn’t need.

Janery One Room Challenge Black and White Office Desk Detail

I built a wooden riser for my desk so that my monitor would be at a healthy height. I can use the space underneath to charge my phone, my tablet, etc. I also tried several fancy gold or brass lamps before deciding I preferred a fun zebra lamp! I’ll share more about that in another post.

Once the new wall was stenciled and I moved my desk and computer in, I realized that the decorative shelves I’d planned for would just cause visual clutter. I pared down my office supplies and stored them in my new filing cabinet and the beautiful white box on my desk.

Janery Black and White Office Art Deco Wall Stencil File CabinetLamp / Sydney Hale Candle / Box - Homegoods / Waterproof Mug Mat / File Cabinet

I initially envisioned big, lush hanging plants all over the space, but during the last week I realized the space was too small for all my ideas. Instead, I jumped on the terrarium bandwagon and had a lot of fun making them! The chains are anchored into the ceiling beam so there is no risk that they’ll fall on my computer.

Janery Art Deco Office Gold Hanging Terrarium Boobs Art by Funnelcloud Studio

Now, let’s talk about the art!

I’m slowly collecting pieces I love for the house, and the office is no exception. See that small painting hanging with my terrariums? It’s part of the BOOBS! series by Rachel Roellke of Funnelcloud Studio. The boobs are gold leaf and so much fun in person. She also did the Things That Are Awesome print that is hanging by my studio doors below.

Janery Office Things That Are Awesome Illustration Art Funnelcloud Studio

The paper flower bouquet in the vase is by Paper Rose, and I'm blown away by the quality.  

My two departed pets, Charlie and Doctor, look over me while I work.  The pink portrait of Charlie was painted by Kim Vargo of Yellow Brick Home.  

Janery Office Juniper Briggs Art Nefertiti Print Yellow Brick Home Pet Portrait

And finally, the biggest piece in the space is that large bust of a woman, the Nefertiti print by Juniper Briggs.  Words can’t describe how much I love it. My mom always told me she wanted to name me Nefertiti because, as a baby, I had a long neck.  The memory of her telling the story cracks me up.  When I decided on the black and white theme for my office, I knew this painting had to be in it.

Before you go, let’s discuss the design elephant in the room:

Janery Black and White Modern Dog Bed Art Deco Office

My white rug is too small to completely cover the tile floor and it bums me out.  I decided to order a custom cut and bound carpet, but there’s a delay. At the last minute I ordered this this cheap area rug for the photo shoot, which I will save and use for future product shoots.

The one room challenge may be over, but the fun continues with phases 2 and 3.  I’ll be finishing the TV area next, followed by the playroom corner for my toddler. I hope you’ll stick around to see the basement come to completion!

Here's a sneak peek of the furniture we're using in the rest of the basement.  Click here to score the new Black Deco Charlie Cushion (waterproof dog bed), inspired by my office, here. 

Janery Charlie Cushion Waterproof Dog Bed Wassily Chair Chrome Lamp Juniper Briggs Art

PS: My office only represents about a third of my work in the One Room Challenge.  I hope you’ll view the reveal of my professional sewing studio as well, which is right off my office!  Just step through the french doors, or click here. :)

Janery Art Deco Office Sewing Studio Entrance

Also, thank you again to Linda for hosting this challenge.  It feels so good to have this space started!  Please be sure to visit the other guest participants - you can find them all here!