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Janery Cat Lady Starter Kit Catnip Cuddler Catnip Kicker Toy


Paw-don me, have you seen our new, classy Cat Lady Starter Kit?

If you or someone you know is slowly becoming a classy cat lady, then this is the purr-fect gift idea to make you the best cat aunt ever. There’s nothing crazy about the love of a fabulous feline which is why we want all of our cat lady (and cat gentlemen!) fans to have a chic and easy way to welcome their new family members home.

It’s no secret that cats love our Catnip Mats and Catnip Log toys, so we knew we wanted to create a cat lady gift that would introduce brand new kittens or new-to-you rescue kitties to a world where they have a soft place to land (and the freshest and best local, stemless catnip out there).

Janery Cat Lady Starter Kit Catnip Cuddler Catnip Kicker Toy

The Cat Lady Starter Kit comes in all of our best-selling patterns and colors (including our Faux Fur Catnip Mat) and contains:

  • One washable, sophisticated Catnip Mat
  • A coordinating 10” Catnip Log  toy
  • 1.5oz bag of irresistible Catnip Leaf for refills
  • And it’s all tucked inside a sleek black box, ready for gifting - or for a bonus cat hideaway.

Sorry, the cat isn’t included, but we’re happy to point you in the direction of a rescue like Richmond Animal League, that can help you find a new feline family member.

Even our latest #JaneryStyle winner Hanx and his sisters love our Cat Lady Starter Kit. Take a look:

Every cat deserves kitty safe catnip, and every cat lady deserves a designer cat bed that fits in with their decor (and keeps Fluffy’s fur off the couch!).



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