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Naked Couches: The Struggle is Real.

Ever walk into a room and feel like something was just...missing?

Janery Designer Linen Throw Pillows Black and Gray

(Gray fox pillow.  Catnip cuddler. Hip deer pillow.)

I had that the other day when visiting a friend of mine, who had just purchased a brand new living room set. I walked into her living room only to discover that what should have been the most comfortable space in her house was full of naked furniture. Stark. Naked. Furniture.

(Don’t worry. I blushed, too).

It wasn’t as if the room was uncomfortable. The sofa was soft, and the armchairs were beautiful, but it had the general air of a room that was a little exposed and self-conscious. Nothing about it told me to leave, but, more profoundly, nothing about it told me to stay.

For the record, I have no judgment against the minimalist movement. I happen to love beautifully clean and simple (which is why all my products are as easy on the eyes as they are to clean).

However, furniture is craving your personal touch and personality, a seasonal punch of color, a little softness to round out its edges, and a way to connect itself with the rest of the room.

In other words, your furniture wants throw pillows.

Janery Linen Collection Whimsical Pillows

Throw pillows are like fig leaves for love seats, couches, beds, and chairs. They cover unsightly creases, leave more than a little to the imagination, and make everyone just a leeeeetle more comfortable. All the better when they are beautifully made, luxuriously soft, and ready for a nice, lazy afternoon (hint: like these).

And that’s the naked truth. 



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